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Automotive Research Center (ARC)

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The Automotive Research Center (ARC) is a University-based U.S. Army Center of Excellence for advancing the technology of high fidelity simulation of military and civilian ground vehicles. It represents the key basic research partner of the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center - National Automotive Center (TARDEC-NAC) in Warren, Michigan.
Our mission is to study and demonstrate the creation of a flexible, agile simulation system composed of a hierarchy of models of varying resolution that can be tailored to meet a range of simulation objectives and can significantly impact the product development process of military and commercial automotive manufacturers. The Center supports development of a realistic distributed interactive simulation network for designing large complex systems, and promotes technical and cultural interaction between the defense and civilian automotive sectors.
The Center has increased emphasis on energy efficient propulsion systems for ground vehicles, particularly those employing hybrid powertrains. Alternative fuels add a new dimension to research on advanced combustion engines. In addition, advanced structures are considered in the context of survivability, condition based maintenance and reliability optimized design. We address the new high technology needs for large trucks and off-road vehicles as well as robots.
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Automotive Research Center (ARC)
26 Mar 2014

Extreme temperatures affect Electric Vehicle driving range, AAA Says

According to new AAA research conducted with the AAA Automotive Research Center in Southern California, electric vehicle range can be reduced by an average of 57 percent based on the temperature outside.
9 Jul 2013

Innovators partner to develop wireless vehicle charging technology

The Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) and the S.C. Technology Aviation Center (SCTAC) have contracted with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to support a three-year program to develop and test wireless charging systems for electrical vehicles.
18 Feb 2011

In-wheel electric motors gain market share

In-wheel motors were popular in cars over 100 years ago because they did not intrude into passenger space. An example is shown below. However, they were expensive and they adversely affected the ride and steering. One motor seizing could sometimes lock a wheel.
15 Dec 2010

Electric vehicle centric energy systems

The idea of electric vehicles donating power to a planned supergrid brings a wan smile to the faces of those struggling to get batteries to provide adequate range without unpredictable parasitic drainage of power at the behest of a third party.
7 Dec 2010

Electrification of Advanced Military Vehicles

Automotive Research Center (ARC), United States
12 Nov 2010

New Supercabatteries

Taiyo Yuden's Hybrid LIC boasts the key features of batteries (high voltage and high energy) while maintaining the traditional characteristics of capacitors (rapid charge/discharge, high durability, safety and environmental friendliness).
11 Nov 2010

The future of electric buses

The major growth in electric buses is in free running versions which cost $50,000 to $500,000 and can usually be deployed without infrastructure along the route. The larger electric buses tend to be hybrid to get the range: smaller ones tend to be pure electric. The IDTechEx report, "Electric Vehicles 2010-2020" estimates that there are about 480,000 buses in the world - mostly small ones - with about 135,000 being bought each year as the fleets grow. Although only 12% of these new buses are electric, penetration is increasing and there is a multibillion dollar market awaiting.
4 Nov 2010

Heavy duty electric land vehicles

There are about 250 manufacturers of heavy industrial vehicles worldwide but most do not make EVs. Between them they will make about 700,000 of these vehicles in 2010.
4 Nov 2010

EV land, sea and air - new journal uniquely reaches everyone in EV's

Coming this December, is a new quarterly hardcopy publication that guarantees to report and comment on what's happening in the world of electric and hybrid vehicles— well beyond the concept cars of the international auto shows.
3 Nov 2010

Wireless electric vehicles

At the unique IDTechEx event, "Future of Electric Vehicles" in San Jose USA December 7-8, these "sea changes" will be tracked by the experts involved in land, air and, yes, seagoing electric vehicles.
27 Oct 2010

Police and security electric vehicles

Larger companies are producing a range of police, homeland security and military electric vehicles.
25 Oct 2010

Micro hybrid diesel autos will realize fuel savings of up to 15%

Micro hybrid diesel autos will realize fuel savings of up to 15 percent in city driving.
7 Oct 2010

Spanish company Izaro works on electric powered GTe supercar

Future electric charge of sport: GTte Izar
6 Oct 2010

MBtech reveals the Reporter vehicle concept study

The MBtech Group attracted attention with a premiere at a recent press conference at the 63rd IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover: The company presented the eagerly awaited "Reporter" concept study - As a 1:1-scale, see-through model of the futuristic pick-up which literally makes MBtech's comprehensive range of engineering and consulting competencies transparent.
3 Sep 2010

Clothing could power batteries for military

Scientists have reported progress in using a common virus to develop improved materials for high-performance, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that could be woven into clothing to power portable electronic devices.
19 Aug 2010

North America's first public-use quick-charge station for evs

Electric vehicles can charge up in 20 to 30 minutes.
29 Apr 2010

Growth of electric vehicles

Integrating emerging business models and new value chains