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BASF (China) Co Ltd
7 May 2020

Citrine Informatics

Citrine Informatics provide a materials informatics platform. IDTechEx spoke with Greg Mulholland (CEO and co-founder).
27 Apr 2020

Why we Should Build Millions of Weather-Protected Pedelecs this Summer

Resilience in pandemic situations needs alternatives to public transportation and shared moblity The present Corona pandemic has clearly revealed a shortcoming of public transportation and most shared mobility solutions: they come with poor possibilities for social distancing.
22 Apr 2020


Equinom is an Israeli biotechnology company that uses artificial intelligence and big data processing to rapidly identify multi-trait seeds, significantly improving the efficiency of selective breeding programs. In April 2020, IDTechEx Analyst Dr Michael Dent spoke with Itay Dana, Vice President of Marketing at Equinom.
23 Mar 2020

CamX Power

CamX Power are a company focussed on battery materials and design. They have licensed cathode material to Johnson Matthey and BASF.
2 Mar 2020

InnovationLab GmbH

InnovationLab GmbH was established in 2008. At first, it received funding from the government (from Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung). However, since 2013 it claims to be standing on its own feet and to be cash-flow positive.
18 Feb 2020

BASF and JenaBatteries Cooperate on Power Storage Technology

JenaBatteries GmbH and BASF are cooperating in the production of an electrolyte for a battery technology that is particularly suitable for stationary storage of electricity from renewable energy sources and for stabilizing conventional transmission grids.
11 Feb 2020


Leclanché are a premium European battery maker and energy storage solutions provider based in Switzerland. The company supplies battery solutions to many industries, from industrial vehicles and stationary energy storage to robotics.
8 Feb 2020

Jena Batteries GmbH

JenaBatteries is a spin-off from the University of Jena in Germany. They have developed an aqueous-based redox flow technology with redox-active polymers, called by the company: Metal-free redox flow battery. The technology developed can be classified as Organic Redox Flow Battery (ORFB).
27 Jan 2020


UbiQD is a 13-person company focused on CIS (CuInS2/ZnS) QDs.
24 Jan 2020


Samsung is a leader in production of QD displays.
10 Dec 2019

Xarvio, a BASF Digital Farming brand

Xarvio is a software platform for digital agriculture owned by global chemicals company BASF. Xarvio tools help improve decision making on farms by letting users monitor and manage their fields, as well as identify weeds and pests during field inspections. In December 2019, IDTechEx Analyst spoke with Louis Wells, Solutions and Services manager at BASF, about the Xarvio platform.
21 Nov 2019

BASF Acquires 3D Printing Service Provider Sculpteo

To continue to expand its position as a leading service provider in the additive manufacturing sector, BASF New Business GmbH has formally agreed to acquire the online 3D printing service provider Sculpteo.
31 Oct 2019

ESS Inc Raises $30 Million For Flow Battery Energy Storage Systems

The new funding will be used to expand and automate the manufacturing process of ESS Inc.'s second-generation iron flow battery technology.
15 Oct 2019


InnovationLab is based in Heidelberg, Germany. It has facilities in Denmark, Norway, Dubai and San Francisco as well as a production site in construction in Wiesloch, Germany.
8 Oct 2019

Klean Industries

Klean Industries uses pyrolysis to output carbon black and refined fuels from PP, PS and PE. Their process can handle high volumes of PVC and PET waste alongside the ideal polymer feedstock from post-consumer and post-industrial sources.
10 Sep 2019


3D printing Californian start-up Origin are disrupting the industry with their Open Additive Production platform using Programmable Photopolymerization (P³) technology. IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Bryony Core investigates this new technology and the exciting range of materials being developed by Origin's partners.
23 Aug 2019


Succinity, formed as a joint venture between BASF and Corbion, produces biobased succinic acid.
13 Aug 2019

Advanc3d Materials

In 2018 Advanc3d Materials was acquired by BASF
13 Aug 2019


SLS market leader EOS announced the launch of the EOS P 810 dedicated to print in high temperature thermoplastics reinforced with carbon fibre.
12 Aug 2019

Urban green habitat 3D-printed with multiple recycled filaments

Addressing some of the biggest environmental challenges such as plastic waste, overconsumption of energy and other resources, rapidly deteriorating biodiversity and urbanization, the installation is a groundbreaking prototype in urban architecture and an industry-first showcase in Additive Manufacturing of a scalable, city-developing circular economy.