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BASF Polyurethanes GmbH
19 Dec 2018

BASF Polyurethane GmbH - Aerogel Technology

IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Richard Collins interviewed Dr Wibke Lölsberg (laboratory manager) from BASF Polurethanes GmbH. BASF Polurethanes GmbH are due to release 2 aerogel based products based on silica and polymer structures.
Included are:
13 Nov 2018

Aspen Aerogel

Ongoing strategic partnership, which gives exclusive supply of Spaceloft for external insulation. BASF provide financial support ($22m) for new plant and access to European building market.
9 Nov 2016


BASF are due to release Slentex (an inorganic aerogel panel) in 2017 and Slentite (a polymer aerogel panel) in 2020. These are both for the building and construction industry in which BASF have a large reach and strong reputation, particularly across Europe.
9 Nov 2016

Aerogel Technologies

BASF are due to commercially release Slentite, a Polyurethane aerogel, in 2020. This will predominantly be used for the building and construction industry, although committed to supercritical drying. BASF could potentially operate on a larger capacity and with a greater financial backing and reputation
13 Oct 2016

Keey Aerogel

BASF are to release products (Slentex and Slentite) in 2017 and 2020 that will enter the construction market. Slentite will be a PU aerogel and has already been displayed with end-user collaborators such as Bech and Heun. according to Keey Aerogel their products have different properties and they are dependent on old technology.