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18 Feb 2021

Aerogels 2021-2031: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
9 Mar 2020

Next-Gen Thermo Tech Packs a Powerful Punch into Electric Vehicles

A novel energy-free temperature control system is set to spark a new breed of ultra-efficient electric buses, cars, trucks and even ships.
27 Sep 2018

Slashed OLED production costs herald new era for lighting

A new generation of lighting products could soon be illuminating our homes and businesses after a high-profile group of researchers demonstrated that the cost of producing flexible OLED panels can be reduced by over 90%.
20 Sep 2018

Lego-style solar panels to smash energy bills

Ready-made snap-together solar panels that turn waste heat into hot water are being developed at Brunel University London in a £10 million sustainable energy scheme starting next month.
5 Feb 2018

Lightweight Metals 2018-2028: Forecasts, Developments, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
23 Jan 2018


BCAST is a university institute that research liquid metal engineering, they have developed a high shear device for the melt conditioning of aluminium and magnesium. IDTechEx technology analyst Dr Richard Collins visited the facilities and interviewed Eric Nyberg (Director of Programmes).
Included are:
25 Oct 2017

3D printer makes first wearable battery

Imagine printing off a wristband that charges your smartphone or electric car with cheap supplies from a local hardware store.
11 May 2017

Latest Research With Quantum Dots

Brunel University London, United Kingdom
27 Apr 2016

Age suits let students walk in grandad's slippers

Ageing simulation suits letting wearers walk in the shoes of someone 50 years older, are showing future care workers and designers how it feels to be old.
7 Mar 2016

Event report: Electronic Display Conference 2016

IDTechEx gave a talk at the Electronic Display Conference in Nuremberg, Germany. The conference had more people than the previous edition and celebrated its 30th year, which reflects how important displays have become in our everyday life. The presentation from IDTechEx was on two disruptive technological trends in flat panel displays: quantum dots and flexible OLED.
8 Dec 2015

Have scientists cracked clothes to power your phone?

Industrial design researchers have solved two of the major challenges which prevent everyday items of clothing being turned into power sources for smartphones, tablets and other personal tech.
15 Jun 2015

Quantum dots now showing their true colours

Quantum dots are making some serious inroads in the display industry. This was very apparent at SID Display Week this month, where several quantum dot LCD panels were showcased. Is this the technology that will beat OLED in the TV market? Maybe, but some questions still need to be answered.
19 Nov 2014

Brunel University London, United Kingdom
11 Aug 2014

Woven, Smart Skin & Structural Supercapacitors for EVs and Other Uses

Supercapacitors continue to improve faster than lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, something pointed out by Bombardier and IDTechEx some time ago. There is near consensus that commercial Li-ion batteries will not improve more than a factor of two in cost and energy density in the next decade.
12 Jul 2013

SmartKem Wins Technical Development Materials Award at IDTechEx Asia

SmartKem Limited, the developer of high performance, organic semiconductor materials for flexible electronics, has announced that its SmartKem® p-FLEX™ product has won the Technical Development Materials Award for the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Asia event, taking place in Tokyo, Japan on the 9th-10th July.
16 Jan 2013

Organic Electronics Event at Brunel University, UK

29 Apr 2010

Early printed electronics revisited

There was an element of back to the future at the hugely successful recent Printed Electronics Europe event in Dresden. Although a high proportion of printed electronics has progressed from screen printing to other printing technologies, notably inkjet, for better control, less waste of these expensive inks and other benefits, at least one company has reverted to advanced rotary screen printing to gain throughput. Indeed, Professor Edgar Dörsam reported that his team has achieved feature size of better than one micron with its advanced screen printing methods. Daetwyler even announced a capability of gravure printing below five microns in feature size with its machines.
19 Apr 2007

Printed electronics and offset lithography

Brunel University, United Kingdom