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$12 billion BYD makes the best-selling hybrid car in China. It has taken the largest order in history for pure electric large buses - 2000 - and is rolling them out globally, vying with Yutong for global leadership in electric buses. BYD delivered 58,000 electric vehicles (pure electric and hybrid) in 2015, and expects to sell up to 150,000 such vehicles this year. It is also a leader in photovoltaics and batteries.
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28 Sep

Will battery second life have an impact on recycling?

2018 is regarded as the beginning year for battery recycling as the first batch of batteries are gradually coming out of electric vehicles. Umicore has recently announced their investment plan in ramping up battery recycling capacity in preparation for the boom of spent EV batteries. By 2018, we will already have around 33,000 retired electric vehicle battery packs (including electric passenger cars and buses) which amounts to around 1GWh storage capacity.
27 Sep

China Tower can 'absorb' 2 million retired electric vehicle batteries

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has recently announced the pilot program of recycling and second use of retired electric vehicle batteries in 17 major regions and cities. China Tower, the world's biggest operator of telecommunication towers, is included as the only company in the pilot program to develop key technologies, explore business models and help establish standards related to second-life batteries.
26 Sep

Will second-life batteries need to compete with new batteries?

Hyundai Motor Group has recently announced a commercial partnership with energy company Wärtsilä to utilize second-life electric vehicle batteries for stationary energy storage at both commercial and utility scales. This is not the first piece of news that automotive companies are trying to give a second life to their retired EV batteries as major EV manufactures including Nissan, Renault, BMW, Daimler, BYD etc. have announced various battery second use projects around the world.
14 Sep

Electric vehicles are the new material battleground

Electric vehicles are rapidly scaling up in production, but under the surface of this explosive growth there are significant competitions taking place across the supply chain.
28 Aug

What can we do with 100GWh of retired electric vehicle batteries?

More and more companies are exploring how to extract value by repurposing a second-life for those retired but still capable car batteries in less-demanding applications such as stationary energy storage.
22 Aug

Electric Vehicles: Everything Is Changing - Discussing The Key Trends

IDTechEx's will bring together the leaders of the emerging electric vehicle sectors of the future. Whilst electric cars are an important area for electrification, passenger vehicles are not the only segment that is becoming electrified.
21 Aug

BYD secures pole position in Thailand's pure electric vehicle market

BYD announced its successful delivery of 101 pure electric e6 cars to Bangkok, with another 1000 more to come. The agreement with Thailand to export an additional fleet of cars catapults BYD to the number one position in the country'smarket for pure electric vehicles.
20 Aug

The graphene community gathers in California

The graphene community will gather in California on November 14 & 15 to attend the largest business-focused conference and exhibition on Graphene and 2D Materials which takes place in Santa Clara.
30 Jul

BYD delivers Seattle's first electric garbage trucks

BYD announced that the first electric refuse trucks to operate in the city of Seattle - as well as the entire Pacific Northwest region - are ordered and will soon be helping to deliver on a cleaner environment.
13 Jul

Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing USA - Early-Bird Ends Today!

With just over four months to go, the annual IDTechEx event - Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing - looks set to be another great event.
3 May

Electric vehicles for mining will be a $9 billion market in 2028

As mines age and operations continue to extract lower ore grades at deeper levels, a focal shift to increased productivity, efficiency and improved safety continues
6 Apr

48V Mild Hybrid Vehicles 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
2 Apr

SuperC Technology Limited

Established in December 2011
29 Mar

Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Vehicles in Mining 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Aman Atak
13 Feb

Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
16 Jan

Contemporary Amperex Tech Ltd (CATL)

12 Jan

Manned Electric Aircraft 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
15 Dec

Micro EVs, e-Bikes, e Scooters, e Motorbikes, Mobility for Disabled 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
13 Dec

Report on IDTechEx Show! USA 2017

The following article summarises some of the key observations made by IDTechEx analysts during the IDTechEx Show! It contains details of many of the companies demonstrating products during the exhibition, notable presentations given and summaries of relevant conversations and recent updates.
13 Dec

What the European Commission is doing to foster battery innovation

As proof of IDTechEx's long-standing collaboration with the EU Commission, technology analyst Lorenzo Grande was invited to deliver a talk on the state of the art of battery manufacturing and how Europe can catch up with its Asian and North American competitors. A selection of the slides presented during the meeting have been included at the end of this premium article.