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Caledon Controls Ltd is a premier supplier of materials and equipment to the Printed Circuit Board manufacturing industry. In business for over 23 years, we have and continue to introduce many innovative and advanced manufacturing processes, equipment and materials to the Industry.
This experience, coupled with the knowledge that Printed Electronics is a future growth segment of the interconnection and packaging industry, has enabled us to compile an extensive line of Printed Electronics materials and unique processes to service this new industry.
We are creating today what will be part of tomorrow's products, positioning Caledon Controls as the "Preferred Supplier" in Printed Electronic Materials.
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Caledon Controls
4 Apr 2012

"Beyond Printed Electronics", PDIM: Selective Additive Metal Deposition

Caledon Controls Ltd, Canada
3 Apr 2012

Blue Spark thin flexible batteries at Printed Electronics Europe 2012

Blue Spark's Thin, Flexible Batteries Light Up Interactive Printed Media Demonstrator at Printed Electronics Europe 2012.
14 Mar 2012

Printed Electronics Europe 2012: Here comes the user pull

Printed Electronics have come of age: Here comes the user pull from a large "user pool". At the Printed Electronics Europe 2012 Berlin event, every attendee will become a user after receiving a working printed electronics product.
22 Feb 2012

Paper electronics is successful: where next?

Electronics and electrics on or in paper is being used for security, safety, crime prevention, brand enhancement and merchandising.
10 Dec 2010

CLEAR conductive PET film

Caledon Controls Ltd. recently introduced a CLEAR conductive PET film using the PDIM metal deposition techniques developed by Vast Films at the IDTECHEX Printed Electronics show held in Santa Clara.
5 Jan 2010

Printed Electronic Circuit process for LED interconnection

PCB mounting of the LED's has to date been limited to mechanical interconnection or the use of Printed Circuits Boards built on Thermally Conductive Copper Clad aluminum substrates.
14 Jul 2009

Integrating printed electronics and PCB technologies

The Printed Circuit Board industry is about to become green through the introduction of printed electronics manufacturing processes being developed.