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Cambridge Resonant has developed breakthrough technology in RFID and wireless power. OnTuneTM technology enables a new generation of RF devices freed from the conventional bandwidth vs. efficiency constraint. There is now no fundamental limit to antenna efficiency in RFID, as we bypass the conventional drawbacks associated with detuning and communication bandwidth.
OnTuneTM is fully backwards compatible, and promises differentiation within standardised industries. Our first solutions are low frequency readers that provide an order of magnitude power saving over standard technology, with further development of high frequency readers and tags underway.
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Cambridge Resonant
16 Mar 2023

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr Yu-Han Chang and Raghu Das
1 Oct 2008

OnTune Technology

Cambridge Resonant Technologies Ltd, United Kingdom
29 Sep 2008

Cambridge Resonant Technologies Ltd, United Kingdom
7 Jul 2008

New technology powers big RFID orderbook

New antenna advances will be covered at RFID Europe later this year - presentations include Leonhard Kurz of Germany developers of printed RFID and other futuristic capabilities. You can also visit Conductive Inkjet Technology which has new antenna technology and Marshall Aerospace.
27 Jun 2008

New technology powers big RFID order book

One million transistors is not enough for the RFID chip in the new e-passports because, increasingly, they have to double as driver's licenses, multipurpose cards and other media.
31 Mar 2008

HF RFID - the Great Leap Forward

Last year, about $2.5 billion was spent on tags and systems at HF (13.56MHz), ten times the amount on RFID at any other frequency and representing 50% of the global RFID market. Now IDTechEx tracks a rush of technology innovation and new market opportunities.
10 Mar 2008

Hot RFID topics revealed at RFID Smart Labels USA

What a difference a year makes. RFID progress from highlights at the IDTechEx RFID Smart Labels USA event.
21 Feb 2008

OnTune(TM) Technology: Auto-Tuning for Readers and Tags

Cambridge Resonant Technologies Ltd, United Kingdom
6 Dec 2007

RFID is Poised for Change

The prosperous RFID business is on track to grow from about $5 billion in 2007 today to over $25 billion in 2017. Without collusion, most analysts agree to figures in that region and several of them see huge volumes of extremely low cost tags forming a part of the growth - even hundreds of billions in ten years from now. This seems to sit awkwardly with some press reporting that RFID retail initiatives have stalled. As one of those analysts, let IDTechEx explain.
15 Oct 2007

The one-stop RFID event to learn, network and plan the future

The eighth IDTechEx RFID Europe event broke all previous records with over 350 delegates from 19 countries who heard major corporations sharing their RFID success and needs.
24 Sep 2007

Major Breakthroughs Open the Way to Highest Volume RFID

19 Sep 2007

OnTuneTM Technology - Tuning, Range, and Reliability in RFID

Cambridge Resonant Technologies Ltd, United Kingdom