From our very first tractor to Cat®Minestar™, Cat Connect and entire fleets that speak the same language, Caterpillar has spent over ninety years committed to innovation and technology that help our customers succeed. What was important then is even more important now, in an age where advancements come faster and more frequently than ever before. An age where connectivity drives productivity and your industry evolves. This is the Age of Smart Iron.
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27 Mar 2024

Hitachi CM: Electric Haul Truck

12 Feb 2024

Bobcat: Fully Electric Skid Steer Loader

- lower operating costs - quieter operation - zero emissions for indoor operation Replacing the hydraulics with electric linear actuators further reduces the maintenance required on these machines. Electric linear actuators offer the potential for more precise and responsive control. Autonomous technologies within farming can improve productivity and labour costs, especially for crops like apples and grapes which need lots of attention. Bobcat has electric mini-excavators in production. Bobcat is a well-known brand in skid steer loaders and founded the market. It is fitting for it to be delivering the first fully electric skid steers.
5 Jan 2024

John Deere: Electric Construction Machines

- Better air quality for workers on the site - Less noise, making a more comfortable and potentially safer environment - Ability to work indoors/underground without air extraction/filtering systems - Lower TCO from reduced energy and maintenance costs
3 Jan 2024

Develon: Electric Construction Vehicles

19 Dec 2023


15 Dec 2023


12 Dec 2023

CNH Industrial

8 Dec 2023

Volvo CE

lower energy cost, lower maintenance, less noise, less heat, easy indoor/underground operation and more. Strong portfolio of electric machines. Available in most major construction markets. IDTechEx thinks Volvo CE is a leader in terms of electric machine options, commercialisation progress and availability across different regions. Currently researching hydrogen technologies which could be a future solution. Innovative new business model proposed with TARA and the TA15.
5 Dec 2023

Caterpillar: Electric Construction Equipment

Caterpillar is the largest manufacturer of construction equipment. The profile provides a deep dive into the electrification of its product portfolio and gives a critical analysis of its progress thus far. It summarises the information that IDTechEx has learned from seeing Caterpillar at conferences, conversations with industry representatives, and deep background research.
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30 Nov 2023


24 Nov 2023


Caterpillar Inc., an American company founded in 1925 and now headquartered in Irving, Texas, is the world's largest OEM of off-highway vehicles. Caterpillar designs, manufactures, and sells products to companies across construction, mining, and agriculture. This company profile will focus on Caterpillar's recent electrification efforts in the mining industry.
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20 Nov 2023


Largest supplier of construction equipment, based in US. Multiple electric vehicle projects.
16 Nov 2023


Largest supplier of construction equipment, based in US. Multiple electric vehicle projects.
2 Nov 2023


25 Sep 2023

Seeing Machines

31 Mar 2023

Suncar HK: Electric Off-Road Machines

15 Sep 2022

Suncar HK: Electric Off-Road Machines

8 Sep 2022

Built Robotics

Although this news is a bit outdated, in 2018 and 2019, Mortenson worked on its first project on wind farms in Kanasas with Built Robotics.
5 Feb 2021

AVID Technology

16 Nov 2016

Old Company Embraces New Technology : Caterpillar And The Additive Manufacturing Journey

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