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Cetemmsa is a Spanish private research center performing Technological Transfer to help companies to do business with new and innovative products. Cetemmsa focuses its R&D towards applied research, and production of prototypes in the area of smart devices.
The R&D core activities are focused on 2 topics:
  • printed electronic (printed flexible electroluminescent, printed photovoltaic, OLEDs, hybrid Organic/inorganic LEDs, sensors, SMD hybridized flexible circuits, printed primary batteries)
  • integration of electronic into textile / objects (pressure sensors matrices, motion and acceleration sensors, electroluminescent panels, optical fibers, LEDs, embedded circuitry and antennas, sensors, energy harvesting solutions).
Cetemmsa is also member of the OE-A, and co-funded the Spanish cluster for Printed Electronics PEC4 (www.pec4.net).
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11 Dec 2015

Eurecat - CETEMMSA

CETEMMSA is a non-profit research institution with 19 years experience of applied research into smart materials and devices. In 2015 they merged with other local research centres to become Eurecat. CETEMMSA's research areas include printed electronics, high performance textiles including eTextiles, surface biofunctionalisation, printed circuits and components, photonics and others.
Included are:
6 May 2015

Joanneum Research

Joanneum Research is a technology provider for business and industrial clients. They are made up of six research divisions which product IP which they can then license out to customers.
20 Nov 2014

Soft Devices for Healthcare Monitoring Applications

29 May 2014

Power suits: wearable fabric generates electricity from the sun

Imagine wearing clothes that can generate electricity from the sun's rays. What is more, imagine this electricity could power medical, athletic and other personal electronic devices.
26 Mar 2014

FP7 MATFLEXEND project for flexible energy harvesting devices

Fraunhofer IZM leads the newly started FP7 MATFLEXEND project, which will provide wearable, flexible energy harvesters that can be manufactured in a low-cost printing process, and durable materials for such purpose.
15 Nov 2013

French Atomic Energy Commission CEA Liten

21 May 2013

Social trends set the way to Printed Electronics

A study shows the products and the concepts which will absolutely influence in our lives thanks to this new technology.
11 Mar 2013

Partnership to make toys more interactive through printed electronics

The FLEXeTOY project, totals € 981,687 and will end in 2015.
31 Jan 2013

First roll to roll machine for printed electronics

CETEMMSA now has a Roll-to-Roll flat screen printer machine for printing electronics on flexible surfaces.
5 Dec 2012

20 years dedicated to promoting innovation

Founded 20 years ago in MatarĂ³ (Barcelona) to promote growth and innovation in the industrial fabric, CETEMMSA has evolved to become today the Spanish benchmark in printed electronics and textile electronics.
29 Nov 2012

Energy-producing urban furniture

The project aims to generate a flexible photovoltaic product in order to produce electricity through urban furniture in cities.
23 May 2012

Electronics on paper, plastic and textiles

The PEC4 cluster has been created to bring together the actors involved in printed electronics and promote research, development and specialised training.
27 Feb 2012

European collaboration fast-track organic & large-area electronics

European collaboration to fast-track success of organic and large-area electronics
20 Sep 2011

CETEMMSA carries out research on photovoltaic textiles

The Technological Centre shows at ITMA fair the research potential in the field of Printed Electronics applied to photovoltaic energy in the frame of the European Project DEPHOTEX.
21 Jun 2011

Dermo Smart Peptide Delivery: A Remote Release System

12 May 2011

Intense interest in energy harvesting for electric vehicles

Two forthcoming events in Germany reflect the intense interest in energy harvesting for electric vehicles. Energy Harvesting Europe 21-22 June covers many forms of harvesting for other applications as well and drills into the technology, investment and other aspects of harvesting in general. On the other hand Electric Vehicles Land Sea Air in Stuttgart 28-29 June is entirely vehicle oriented.
21 Apr 2011

Intense interest in energy harvesting for electric vehicles

Two forthcoming events in Germany reflect the intense interest in energy harvesting for electric vehicles.
13 Apr 2011

Smart fabrics closer to consumers

By integrating electronics with textiles it is posible to provide new concepts for lighting, heating, cooling, energy harvesting, communicating, sensing, measuring and monitoring.
6 Apr 2011

Printed Electronics Applied to the Development of Flexible Devices

31 Mar 2011

Applying energy harvesters to textiles

Energy harvesters enabling micro-power generation provide new levels of efficiency and automation in the built environment, process control, vehicles and healthcare.