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Chisso Corporation

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Chisso Corporation, a $3B global chemical supplier, develops a variety of ink-jet printing inks. Chisso UV curable ink-jet ink is suitable for a variety of applications including fabrication of microlenses with high transparency. Chisso thermal cure polyimide ink-jet ink can be used as an insulating layer in Electroluminescense (EL) devices and can be applied to printed circuit boards, semiconductors and many other applications. The use of Chisso ink is expected to simplify manufacturing processes, lower facility costs and reduce effects on the environment.
Chisso Corporation, based in Tokyo, Japan, manufactures and sells liquid crystal materials, alignment films, overcoats for color filters and many other performance chemical products. Please visit for more information. 
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Chisso Corporation
9 Sep 2013

Printed Electronics in Japan (part I)

From July through September 2013 we have visited 35 companies and interviewed many delegates at our Printed Electronics Asia event in Tokyo as well as reviewing the lectures and talking to the lecturers. This article shares some of the trends in Japanese printed electronics and allied subjects that have emerged. It is only a taster from the huge database of information acquired and interpreted by IDTechEx analysts. Over the years, the task has been made difficult by the Japanese predilection for changing company names and this cannot help their business activity.
20 Mar 2012

Inorganic and composite printed electronics is favoured

At the forthcoming event, Printed Electronics and Photovoltaics Europe 3-4 April in Berlin, one third of the 94 presentations and masterclasses primarily concern organic compounds but two thirds primarily concern inorganic and composite devices. The organisers did not steer it that way: the customers did.
27 Jan 2012

Visit to JNC Corporation the PE Virtuoso

This week, Printed Electronics World visited Mr Etsuo Nakagawa and Mr Kiichiro Ito of JNC Corporation (parent company Chisso) in Japan. JNC Corporation manufactures worldwide and that includes structural plastics and Li-ion battery materials for electric vehicles. In printed electronics, it is about to sell RFID inlays with a secret new antenna deposition process on plastic film.
19 Jan 2011

Smart Skin for Land, Sea and Air Vehicles

Cars that glow in the dark and have far more passenger space, aircraft and submarines that monitor their complete outer surface, military vehicles that destroy missiles that hit them. The common factor here is smart skin.
4 Dec 2008

Progress in Chisso's high functional inks for inkjet printing

Chisso Petrochemical co., Japan
31 Jul 2008

Chemicals for printed electronics - Huge new market

Chemical companies have huge opportunities in the new world of printed electronics.
9 Apr 2008

Chisso's High Functional Inks - Key Materials for Industrialization of Ink Jet Printing System

Chisso Petrochemical Corporation, Japan
12 Mar 2008

Printed electronics focuses in Dresden

The vibrant new printed electronics industry is being created as energetically in Germany as anywhere else in the world.
24 Jan 2008

New direction for printed electronics in 2008

The money spent on printed and potentially printed electronics doubled in 2007, as did the number of organisations participating.