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23 May 2024

Which Real-World Use Cases for Quantum Computers Are Now on the Way?

The risk of missing out on the competitive advantage quantum computing offers is rising. Governments and private investors worldwide are placing multi-billion-dollar bets that the industry will produce huge long-term returns. Yet, for this to be realized, the theoretical advantage of quantum computers must be translated into real-world commercial value. In this article, IDTechEx explores which applications are being developed today across the materials, chemical, automotive, finance, and healthcare industries.
16 Jul 2021

Markforged Announces Listing on New York Stock Exchange

Markforged Inc has completed its previously announced merger with one, a special purpose acquisition company sponsored by A-star and founded and led by technology industry veteran Kevin Hartz. The combined company, named Markforged Holding Corporation, is expected to commence trading on the New York Stock Exchange beginning on July 15, 2021 under the ticker symbol "MKFG" for Markforged common stock and "MKFG.WS" for Markforged warrants.
6 May 2019

Tesla shares jump, Elon Musk to buy more

Tesla Inc announced offerings of $650 million of common stock and $1,350 million aggregate principal amount of convertible senior notes due in 2024 in concurrent underwritten registered public offerings. Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, will participate by purchasing $10 million of common stock.
20 Jul 2015

Global electricity storage market for renewables

International and national assessments of the global electricity storage market have been hindered by uncertainty about which technologies and market segments to include. A central question for this roadmap is whether storage is used to support the integration of renewables or for other purposes.
26 Jun 2015

BioSolar files patent for super battery technology

BioSolar, Inc has announced that it has jointly filed a patent application with the University of California, Santa Barbara.
18 Jul 2014

The death of coal and oil boost EVs

When representative of OPEC, Sheik Yamani famously said, "The stone age did not end for lack of stones", it is now clear that the coming decade will see a collapse of coal power and not because coal supplies are running out. The writing is on the wall for oil as well - it will help electric vehicles because it will no longer be true that they use "dirty" electricity in the main.
14 Aug 2013

Cheil Industries to acquire Novaled AG

Cheil Industries and Novaled AG have announced that Cheil Industries acquired a majority stake in Novaled in a transaction valuing Novaled at €260 million.
10 Feb 2012

Eastman Chemical to buy Solutia for $3.4 billion

Eastman Chemical is buying Solutia Inc, chemicals provider for products from iPads to tires, for about $3.4 billion.
25 Jan 2012

Blunt motor and battery talk at EV Japan

The conference speakers were surprisingly blunt in their appraisal of batteries and motors for electric vehicles at last week's EV Japan conference. Batteries control the cost of pure electric vehicles by a big margin and they are the largest part of the cost of hybrids, though a lesser percentage.
14 Jul 2008

Dow acquires Rohm and Haas

$18.8 billion transaction marks pivotal point in Dow's transformation
22 Jan 2007

Contactless Smart Card Orders Flood In

In the last few weeks alone, orders for well over US$100 million of contactless (ie RFID) smart cards and associated systems have been placed. The business is surging forward with the percentage of smart cards that are contactless rising to 16% of deliveries in 2007 after having been stuck at around 5% for the preceding twenty years. Learn more.