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23 Aug 2017

Smart label could let you know when to toss food and cosmetics

Detecting food and cosmetic spoilage and contamination. Identifying new medicinal plants in a remote jungle. Authenticating tea and wine. Scientists have developed a low-cost, portable, paper-based sensor that can potentially carry out all of these functions with easy-to-read results.
21 Nov 2016

Gallium nitride: semiconductor almost as durable as diamonds

Engineers have reported a previously unknown property for GaN: Its wear resistance approaches that of diamonds and promises to open up applications in touch screens, space vehicles and radio-frequency microelectromechanical systems.
29 Oct 2014

The graphene industry finds new market opportunities in California

The 5th IDTechEx conference and tradeshow on graphene and 2D materials- Graphene and 2D Materials LIVE! - has become the annual meeting place for the global graphene industry in California.
19 Aug 2014

Silver nano particles breakthrough

Goldsol Inc., through a cooperative relationship with materials science researchers at Clarkson University, has released a revolutionary new nano silver formulation that features a high concentration (up to 60% silver content), sub-20nm silver colloidal solution and can be specifically formulated for conductive ink or thin film applications.
18 Aug 2014

Could hemp nanosheets topple graphene for making supercapacitors?

Scientists are reporting that fibers from the plant can pack as much energy and power as graphene, long-touted as the model material for supercapacitors.
15 Mar 2012

Biofuel cells implanted in snails

A team at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York, have implanted tiny biofuel cells into brown garden snails that extract electrical power from the glucose and oxygen in the snail's blood to produce electricity.
27 Mar 2009

Wireless monitoring of bridge conditions

Using vibration of bridges caused by passing traffic, wind and microtremors to power bridge monitoring sensors would mean that batteries are not required.