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10 Oct 2023


Founded in 1851, Corning is an American company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of glass, ceramics, and related materials for specialty applications. Corning is involved in five different business units, namely display technologies, optical communications, environmental technologies, life sciences, and specialty materials.
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31 Jan 2018

New thin transparent and lightweight touchscreen pressure sensor array

Researchers have demonstrated a new technology for 'force sensing' that can be added to any type of display, including flexible devices, and potential other uses go far beyond touch screen displays on mobile devices.
9 Jun 2017

High-performance Roll-to-Roll processing for flexible electronics

Functionalized and curved surfaces made of glass or plastic, rollable displays, high-quality bended surfaces for architecture or interior design in automotive or luxury furniture sector - flexible materials with integrated functionalities are not just a technological trend but capture markets already.
30 Dec 2014

Review of supercapacitors in 2014 and the outlook for 2015

Whilst the industry has reduced its growth in comparison to the previous years (from an estimated 30% in 2014 vs 2013 to 15% in 2014 vs 2013), IDTechEx believes that this is just a temporary stagnation. Indeed, the fact that other companies are investing in manufacturing capacity and challenging the leadership of Maxwell Technologies is a positive sign for the industry and a good signal for the supercapacitor market, which by definition needs more than one major player. We believe that more manufacturer options across the globe will provide the required alternative supply that end user industries are requiring in order to warranty market competition. This article gives an overview of the major events and developments in 2014 and gives the IDTechEx outlook for 2015.
29 Jun 2013

Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University

The Flexible Display Center (FDC) has been involved in flexible displays for nearly 10 years. They have a unique expertise in North America and have enjoyed continuous funding from the US Army. They are now putting more focus on non-display applications such as X-ray detection and biochemical sensing.
30 Nov 2012


Glass/ceramics company covering displays, optical applications, catalytic converters and life sciences. Corning has developed flexible glass for use in flexible display and PV applications.