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Cubic Transportation Systems Inc is the world's leading turnkey solution provider of automated fare collection systems for public transport including bus, bus rapid transit, light rail, commuter rail, heavy rail, ferry and parking. Cubic's solutions and services include system design, central computer systems, equipment design and manufacturing, device-level software, integration, test, installation, warranty, maintenance, computer hosting services, call centre services, card management and distribution services, financial clearing and settlement, multi-application support and outsourcing services.
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Cubic Transportation Systems Inc
10 Dec

Badia Farms

Badia Farms is a vertical farming company based in Dubai that grows fresh local produce using advanced hydroponics technology. It is the first commercial vertical farm to operate in the Gulf region.
29 Nov

Zimbabwe to Benefit from Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing up to 18 hours of load-shedding daily so Ngonyezi Projects pumped hydroelectric energy storage power plant at Osborne dam will contribute to the reduction of the hours of load-shedding.
19 Nov

New Material Breaks World Record Turning Heat Into Electricity

The new material is so effective that it could be used to provide energy for sensors or even small computer processors. Instead of connecting small electrical devices to cables, they could generate their own electricity from temperature differences.
14 Nov

Multimaterial 3D Printing Manufactures Complex Objects, Fast

A new technique called multimaterial multinozzle 3D printing uses high-speed pressure valves to achieve rapid, continuous, and seamless switching between up to eight different printing materials, enabling the creation of complex shapes in a fraction of the time currently required using printheads that range from a single nozzle to large multinozzle arrays.
10 Sep


3D printer startup Colossus are revolutionising thermoplastic extrusion printers in a big way: their large format direct pellet extrusion printers enable customers to print large format structures. IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Bryony Core investigates.
31 Jul

Energy from seawater

Salt is power. It might sound like alchemy, but the energy in places where salty ocean water and freshwater mingle could provide a massive source of renewable power. Researchers have developed an affordable, durable technology that could harness this so-called blue energy.
4 Jun

More efficient direct air capture of CO2 for regenerative fuels

Electric cars powered by green electricity or renewable hydrogen will make tomorrow's transportation more climate-friendly. Aircraft and ships, however, are sure to run on hydrocarbon fuels for some time yet.
26 Mar

Making solar cells can be like buttering bread

Formamidinium lead iodide is a very good material for photovoltaic cells, but getting the correct and stable crystal structure is a challenge. The techniques developed so far have produced rather poor results. However, scientists have now cracked it - using a blade and a dipping solution.
20 Feb

Storage of solar energy and wind power in metal powder

Hydrogen researchers are involved in a large European project on hydrogen storage. The goal is to develop a novel prototype tank that will store at least 50 kilograms of hydrogen in a minimum space. The European Union is funding the project with €2 million in the frame of the "Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking - FCH JU". Some €150,000 are earmarked for the Helmholtz researchers.
13 Feb

Largest 3D printed rocket engine

Orbex has publicly unveiled its Prime rocket for the first time. Designed to deliver small satellites into Earth's orbit, the rocket is made from a specially-formulated lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium composite and includes the world's largest 3-D printed rocket engine.
28 Dec

Method to shrink objects to the nanoscale

Researchers have invented a way to fabricate nanoscale 3-D objects of nearly any shape. They can also pattern the objects with a variety of useful materials, including metals, quantum dots, and DNA.
28 Nov

Successful second round of experiments with Wendelstein 7-X

The goal of fusion research is to develop a climate- and environment-friendly power station. Like the sun, it is to derive energy from the fusion of atomic nuclei. Since the fusion fire only ignites at temperatures of over 100 million degrees, the fuel - a low-density hydrogen plasma - must not come into contact with cold vessel walls. Held by magnetic fields, it floats in an almost contact-free manner in the interior of a vacuum chamber.
26 Nov

Full electric class 4 trucks for the last mile

CityFreighter Inc and XPO Sales Inc enter a strategic partnership and sign a Letter of Intent for the purchase of 100 CF1 full electric class 4 trucks for the last mile.
9 Nov

Bioelectronic Medicine 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Nadia Tsao
27 Aug

Minesto completes initial commissioning trials of marine energy kite

Minesto has completed the initial commissioning sea trials of its unique subsea kite technology called Deep Green off the coast of Holyhead, North West Wales. Through the initial trials, a range of functionalities such as the kite control system, launch and recovery systems, connections and communications have been tested and verified in various sea states.
25 Jul

GE Additive

3D Printing Technology Analyst Dr Bryony Core interviewed Shaun Wootton of GE Additive at the Farnborough International Airshow 2018.
17 Jul

North Wales tidal energy project

Marine energy developer Minesto has initiated the commissioning program of its first tidal energy project in commercial scale in North West Wales, with initial sea trials of the company's DG500 tidal energy converter taking place in Holyhead harbour and the Holyhead Deep site.
25 Jun

European Commission backs Minesto roadmap for commercial breakthrough

The awarded phase 1 grant of €50,000 will be used for a feasibility study of commercial Island Mode (off grid) installations of Minesto's marine energy converter DG100.
11 Jun

Electricity Generation Turns to the Ocean

It is a matter of survival now. Neglect of global warming is causing rising sea levels that will soon flood an increasingly large number of cities, that and the melting icecaps making more of the fresh water in the world salty, so desalination is a market doubling every ten years.
5 Jun

Wave energy technology for the Canary Islands

The project will begin with a pilot 5 MW installation to provide energy for a desalination plant, but could expand to address multiple energy needs, from automobile recharging stations to supplying the grid.