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16 Aug 2023

AI Chips for Edge Applications 2024-2034: Artificial Intelligence at the Edge

IDTechEx Report:
2 May 2023

AI Chips 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report:
16 Mar 2023

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr Yu-Han Chang and Raghu Das
12 Aug 2019

Electric Vehicle Research at Advanced Materials Osaka July 2019

Here we give the abstracts relevant to electric vehicles from BIT Advanced Materials Conference Osaka Japan July 2019. The organisers failed to provide slides but we have photographs of some of these if you are interested. The selected abstracts are divided into energy storage, wide bandgap semiconductors, energy harvesting and other.
28 Dec 2018

Research multiplies the life of rechargeable NiMH batteries

Researchers have developed a method to multiply the lifespan of nickel-metal hydride batteries. This means that the batteries can handle a great many more charging cycles without losing capacity. The new method also means that the batteries can easily be restored once they have begun to wear out, unlike other rechargeable batteries that must be melted down for recycling.
2 Feb 2018

Norway aims for all short-haul flights to be 100% electric by 2040

Boeing Co backed startup Zunum has begun building its first electric airplane motor and is working with U.S. agencies to prepare for commercial flights to take off from small U.S. airports in 2022.
2 Aug 2012

Solexel unveils ultra-thin, high-performance silicon solar cell

Dr. Mehrdad Moslehi, Solexel's Founder, Executive Chairman & CTO, recently unveiled the company's disruptive ultra-thin silicon solar cell technology.
10 Jun 2011

Kovio raises $15 million with lead investor Tyco Retail Solutions

Printed silicon electronics platform enables NFC solutions for retailers
31 Mar 2008

HF RFID - the Great Leap Forward

Last year, about $2.5 billion was spent on tags and systems at HF (13.56MHz), ten times the amount on RFID at any other frequency and representing 50% of the global RFID market. Now IDTechEx tracks a rush of technology innovation and new market opportunities.
6 Dec 2007

RFID is Poised for Change

The prosperous RFID business is on track to grow from about $5 billion in 2007 today to over $25 billion in 2017. Without collusion, most analysts agree to figures in that region and several of them see huge volumes of extremely low cost tags forming a part of the growth - even hundreds of billions in ten years from now. This seems to sit awkwardly with some press reporting that RFID retail initiatives have stalled. As one of those analysts, let IDTechEx explain.
16 Mar 2007

RFID Changes Course

The main emphasis of RFID use and supply has radically changed course. That was the message of the large IDTechEx RFID Smart Labels USA event in Boston last week. The business is booming in just about every sector other than the supply of pallet and case tagging to retailer and military mandates.
8 Feb 2007

Emerson & Cuming Press Release

Novel, Water-based Conductive Ink from Acheson Improves RFID Antenna Production
15 Nov 2006

Progress with Next Generation RFID Technology

RFID technology is moving on apace in some areas. Certainly EPC Gen2 tags have demonstrated spectacular performance improvements when tagging cases and pallets. However work is still needed.
20 Sep 2006

Dag-System, France
29 Mar 2006

Many meters range from HF tags

DAG Systems, France
4 Jan 2006

New Advances in RFID Help Food Traceability

New advances in RFID technology benefit food, pharmaceutical and other key markets
1 Dec 2005

Longer range RFID at HF

It is popularly believed that HF (13.56 MHz) RFID is limited to one meter range. However, there are many reasons to seek longer range at HF and it has even been available and in use for some time.
7 Nov 2005

RFID in the Postal and Courier service

The second biggest application of item level RFID after retail. 10 year forecasts.