Digits2Widgets (D2W)

Digits2Widgets (D2W)

Digits2Widgets are more than a 3D printing bureau. With current inflated expectations of 3D printing, they encourage clients to consult with them prior to printing anything, in order to ensure that the best possible result is achieved first time.
All of the staff are 3D printing experts, but also come from a broad range of design backgrounds, so they can understand your objectives and advise on the most appropriate technologies, materials and any design modifications that will best suit your project. Their aim is to help clients make digital design and 3D printing technologies most purposeful, today.
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Digits2Widgets (D2W)
15 Sep 2023

Advancing Cu-Cu Hybrid Bonding: The Future of Semiconductor Packaging

Bumping technologies for advanced semiconductor packaging have evolved significantly to address the challenges posed by shrinking contact pitches and the limitations associated with conventional flip-chip soldering. One prominent advancement in this field is the 3D Cu-Cu Hybrid Bonding technology, which offers a transformative solution. IDTechEx have been closely monitoring the advancements in 2.5D and 3D advanced semiconductor packaging.
28 Jun 2023

Materials and Processing for Advanced Semiconductor Packaging 2024-2034

IDTechEx Report: Dr Yu-Han Chang and Sona Dadhania
17 Apr 2018

3D Printing Awards Presented at the IDTechEx Show! Berlin

At last week's IDTechEx Show! in Berlin, Additive Industries were presented with the 'Best Development in 3D Printing' Award.
12 Apr 2018

A 3D Printed Book For Albert Einstein

Digits2Widgets (D2W), United Kingdom
11 May 2017

Transcending 3D Printing

Digits2Widgets (D2W), United Kingdom
22 Mar 2017

Unparalleled market insights of 3D printing at the IDTechEx Show! -

IDTechEx are delighted to be back in Berlin on 10-11 May for the annual 3D Printing Europe event and offers the opportunity for key innovators and end-users across several verticals to share their insights and expertise in the leading edge of additive manufacturing
28 Apr 2016

The View From A 3D Printing Bureau - How People Are Purposefully Using Nylon SLS Today

Digits2Widgets (D2W), United Kingdom