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2 Oct 2009

Dramatic New AC Electroluminescent Displays

Dramatic New AC Electroluminescent Displays announced at Printed Electronics Asia 2009.
3 Aug 2009

Rising from the ashes

The closure of several printed electronics operations has now resulted in phoenix operations rising from the ashes.
14 Jul 2008

UK Chemical Sector Initiative - part two

It was noted in the Council for Science and Technology Review that Plastic Electronics is a high risk / high reward priority technology area. The academic structure is well established in OLED, PLED, OSC materials and deposition methods with £20M / yr funding from Research Councils (EPSRC).
1 Jul 2008

Inorganic chemistry used more widely

Printed electronics today is mainly a matter of inorganic rather than organic chemistry and the next ten years are unlikely to see the inorganic part drop below 50% of the high value materials required.
3 Jun 2008

All eyes on printed electronics

Analysts see printed electronics rising exponentially to around $300 billion in twenty years' time, with demand for conductive inks alone reaching several billion dollars yearly five years from now.
20 May 2008

Undergraduates develop dirt-powered microbial fuel cells

A Harvard team who developed an innovative, microbial fuel cell-based lighting system suitable for Sub-Saharan Africa won a $200,000 grant.
12 May 2008

IDTechEx visits Electroluminate UK 9.5.08

Electroluminate makes ink jet, digitally printed ac and dc electroluminescent displays and backlights up to 1.5 meters across but capable of being assembled as tiles into much larger structures.
11 Apr 2008

Creative design is badly needed

A common theme in the IDTechEx conference Printed Electronics in Dresden this week was the shortage of creative product design.
18 Mar 2008

Electric Skin

A silk garment printed with LEDs using Elumin8 technology that turns the intimate breath of the wearer into pulses of light was exhibited at the Back Gallery Project in Vancouver, Canada.
24 Jan 2008

New direction for printed electronics in 2008

The money spent on printed and potentially printed electronics doubled in 2007, as did the number of organisations participating.
22 Nov 2007

2nd report on Printed Electronics USA

$300 billion by 2027 predicted by IDTechEx at Printed Electronics USA for new post-silicon electronics.
14 Nov 2007

IDTechEx announce the winners of the Printed Electronics 2007 Awards

557 delegates from 20 countries were present at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA event in San Francisco - the industry's largest conference and exposition on the topic. The show featured the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Awards in recognition of outstanding achievement. See who won here and why.
17 Oct 2007

US Printed Electronics conference will have many amazing demos

The IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA event in San Francisco, 11-15 November, is being deluged with breakthrough products that will be on show.
7 Aug 2007

Printed Electronics Changes Course

1 Aug 2007

Printed Electronics - Answering the Big Questions

24 May 2007

Printed Electronics - the Big Picture

Most of the thousand or more participants in printed electronics are attempting incremental improvements to existing products and missing the big picture...
23 May 2007

New Forms of Interactive Illuminating Tables

21 May 2007

Add-Vision Extends Life of Low Cost Flexible OLEDs

13 May 2007

Improvements in AC Electroluminescent Displays

3 Apr 2007

Europe Takes Leadership in Printed Electronics

Surprisingly, Europe has been pulling ahead of the rest of the world in many aspects of printed and potentially printed electronics just lately. Learn more in this article.