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15 May 2023

IDUN Technologies

IDUN Technologies is developing neural interface technology, using in-ear EEG. Tess Skyrme, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, interviewed CEO, Simon Bachmann.
31 Mar 2023

Suncar HK: Electric Off-Road Machines

Suncar HK, headquartered in Oberbüren, Switzerland, develops electric powertrain systems for non-road mobile machinery. IDTechEx spoke to Suncar about market trends in construction, future technologies in the construction industry, and Suncar's long-term intentions within the industry.
18 Oct 2022

IDUN Technologies

IDUN Technologies is a Zürich-based company incorporating neurotechnology into wearable devices.
15 Sep 2022

Suncar HK: Electric Off-Road Machines

Suncar HK, headquartered in Oberbüren, Switzerland, develop electric powertrain systems for non-road mobile machinery. IDTechEx Analyst David Wyatt spoke with Suncar Managing Director Stefan Schneider to find out more about their work helping OEMs develop electric construction machines.
7 Sep 2022

Synhelion Starts Construction of DAWN to Produce Solar Fuels

Synhelion marks the start of construction work on DAWN - the world's first industrial plant to produce synthetic fuels using solar heat. Located in Jülich, Germany, the facility will be the first to demonstrate the entire process from concentrating sunlight to producing synthetic liquid fuel on an industrial scale. SWISS will be the first airline to fly using the CO2-neutral solar kerosene produced there.
17 Aug 2022

Using Sound and Bubbles to Make Bandages Sticker and Last Longer

Researchers have discovered that they can control the stickiness of adhesive bandages using ultrasound waves and bubbles. This breakthrough could lead to new advances in medical adhesives, especially in cases where adhesives are difficult to apply such as on wet skin.
26 Jul 2022


Climeworks is a Swiss company developing a modular direct air capture (DAC) technology based on a solid adsorbent system.
25 Jul 2022

All-In-One Solar Powered Tower Makes Carbon-Neutral Jet Fuel

Researchers have designed a fuel production system that uses water, carbon dioxide and sunlight to produce aviation fuel. They have implemented the system in the field, and the design could help the aviation industry become carbon neutral.
18 Jul 2022


Founded in 2016, ANYbotics is a Swiss spin-off from ETH Zurich specializing in legged robots used for inspection. Its product, ANYmal D, is the fourth-generation product and is priced at around €140,000.
4 Jul 2022

Wearable Muscles

Researchers have developed a wearable textile exomuscle that serves as an extra layer of muscles. They aim to use it to increase the upper body strength and endurance of people with restricted mobility.
6 Jun 2022

Successful Transplant of Human Liver Treated in Machine

A multidisciplinary Zurich research team Liver4Life has succeeded in doing something during a treatment attempt that had never been achieved in the history of medicine until now: it treated an originally damaged human liver in a machine for three days outside of a body and then implanted the recovered organ into a cancer patient. One year later, the patient is doing well.
26 Apr 2022

Automated Analysis of Animal Behaviour

Researchers have developed a new method that uses artificial intelligence to analyse animal behaviour. This opens the door to longer-​term in-​depth studies in the field of behavioural science - while also helping to improve animal welfare. The method is already being tested at Zurich Zoo.
12 Apr 2022

Wearable Device Plays Specific Sounds to Enhance Deep Sleep

Researchers have developed a wearable device that plays specific sounds to enhance deep sleep. The first clinical study has now shown that the device is effective, but not at the same level of effectiveness for everyone.
1 Apr 2022


Nanoleq is an early-stage company developing both components and integrated solutions for e-textiles. It is about to announce its first integrated product to monitor and guide breathing for meditation/sleep health. IDTechEx caught up with CEO Vincent Martinez
17 Feb 2022

Applying The Butterfly Principle for 3D Printing, Colour Screens

Researchers have created artificial colours by 3D printing certain nanostructures inspired by those of a butterfly. This principle can be used in the future to produce colour screens.
19 Jan 2022


Manufacturer of temperature, humidity and gas sensors for the automotive industry, medical technology, building technology, industrial processes and consumer goods.
17 Jan 2022


IDTechEx had an interview with Dr. Péter Fankhauser, co-founder and CEO of ANYbotics, and Cheila Marques, Marketing & Communications Manager at ANYbotics. As a spin-off from ETH Zurich with the goal to commercialize the technology behind the quadrupedal (four-legged) robot ANYmal, ANYbotics was founded in 2016, at which point their robot was already well into development based on the founders' work at ETH Zurich.
21 Dec 2021

Health Patch With Core Body Temperature Measurement

Recon Health announced its partnership with greenTEG to integrate greenTEG's proprietary CALERA core body temperature sensor solution for continuous and non-invasive core body temperature measurement into Recon Health's Virtual Care Patch for remote patient monitoring and diagnostics.
1 Dec 2021


Exaddon is a metal microscale additive manufacturing company based in Switzerland. IDTechEx spoke to Edward White, Marketing Manager at Exaddon.
25 Nov 2021

Microbots Treat Neurological Disease by Intra-Nasal Administration

Researchers have developed a magnetically powered human nuclear transfer stem cells-based microrobot and a method of minimally invasive delivery of therapeutic agents into the brain via the intranasal pathway. And they also accomplished transplanting the developed stem cell-based microrobot into brain tissue through the intranasal pathway that bypasses the blood-brain barrier.