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Fetch Robotics
3 Dec 2021

ForwardX Robotics

2 Nov 2021

Lucas Systems

IDTechEx spoke to James Hart, Business Development Manager, EMEA at Lucas Systems. They are headquartered in the US, but now have a regional office in Bracknell, the UK for the EMEA market. 99 employees now work for this company, generating an averaging annual turnover of about 15-20 million USD. In the event they were presenting only videos that introduced functions and interfaces of their software.
30 Mar 2020

Mobile Robots: Coronavirus Pushes Logistic Automation up the Agenda

Recent developments bring into focus the motivation, and at times the imperative, to increase automation in the logistics and delivery chain. IDTechEx have been examining the technological and commercial trends in this field for several years.
13 Dec 2019

Recent High Valuation in Autonomous Mobile Robots in Warehouses

The trend of investment in and acquisition of mobile robotic companies seeking to automate the movement of goods within warehouses, fulfilment centres, and manufacturing facilities is still rising.
10 Dec 2019

6 River Systems Inc

6 River Systems Inc was established in 2015 in Boston USA by, what is claims, are former Kiva executives. It has raised $6m in funding and employs about 20 people.
9 Dec 2019

A $250Bn Revolution: Mobile Robots and Autonomous Vehicles in Delivery

Automation in the delivery/logistic and warehousing/fulfilment chain is a growing market. A particularly exciting subset of this is the use of mobile robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles for automation of movement-based tasks.
9 Dec 2019

Fetch Robotics

Fetch Robotics was established in 2014. They have raised $23m to date and currently employ 141 people.
24 Oct 2018

Partnership delivers autonomous mobile robots to distribution centres

Honeywell is collaborating with Fetch Robotics to provide distribution centers with autonomous mobile robots to help them more effectively fulfill growing volumes of e-commerce orders.
4 May 2018

Autonomous mobile robots: automating the goods-to-person step

The robotic industry is looking for the next big opportunity that could one day rival the automotive sector in size. It may have found its answer in the logistic and material handling sector. In this article we will focus on the use of mobile robots in automating the goods-to-person step in logistics and material handling.
12 Apr 2018

Fetch Robotics announces CartConnect and RollerTop robots

Fetch Robotics announced the expansion of its VirtualConveyor family of Autonomous Mobile Robots with the addition of CartConnect and RollerTop robots for the most flexible and broad range of workflows for material handling and transport.
12 Oct 2017

How many robots does it take to screw in a light bulb?

How many robots does it take to screw in a light bulb? The answer: just one, assuming you're talking about a new robotic gripper developed by engineers.
5 Oct 2016

Fetch Robotics

Fetch Robotics is a robotics solution provider for logistics and material handling applications.