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Fujikura Ltd.

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Fujikura had been developing Dye-sensitized Solar Cells (DSC) utilizing technologies cultivated since foundation in 1885.
We have commercially released it in advance of any other manufacturers. DSC is one of the best power source for IoT devices among energy harvesters and realizes battery-less or extend battery life of various IoT devices.
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Fujikura Ltd.
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Fujikura Ltd

Fujikura are a multinational corporation that manufacture electrical equipment, and the company specialize in power and telecommunication systems. Fujikura have recently established a fiber laser business division and are emerging as a key player in Japan.
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13 Jun 2018

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30 Apr 2018


Fujikura are a global electrical equipment manufacturer who have a superconductor division manufacturing second generation high-temperature superconductor (2G HTS) wire. Fujikura have commercialized their HTS wire products. This interview was conducted in April 2018, but due to confidentiality agreements has been published in July 2019.
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