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29 Jul 2014

E-paper displays in consumer electronics

E Ink is the only supplier of electrophoretic displays that are used in e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle.
18 Feb 2014

E-paper displays in consumer electronics

Consumer electronic devices are evolving fast and there is a constant need for display technologies with new features. This week we look at e-paper (reflective) display technologies and assess their strengths in the consumer electronics market.
29 Jun 2013

Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University

31 May 2013

Impressions from SID Display Week 2013

30 Apr 2013

Gamma Dynamics

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1 Mar 2013

Ubiquity or obsolescence: how is E Ink's success story going to end?

Looking back at last year, it looks like 2012 was a tipping point for the e-reader market. Kindles and the likes were overshadowed by new models of tablet computers, resulting in a shift in consumer spending towards the tablets. But e-readers are still hugely popular, not least because of their long battery life and their low price. Since the holiday season, the must-have new feature has been the frontlight that enables reading in the dark, such as in the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. But take a closer look at this new generation of e-readers and you will find something striking: all of them use the same E Ink Pearl display, a technology that was released more than two years ago.
20 Feb 2013

On a roll: why E Ink is still the leader in e-paper

E-paper technologies are attempts to mimic paper, which can be described as a reflective surface, non-emissive and viewable from any angle.
14 Jan 2013

E Ink Holdings

15 Oct 2010

Electrofluidics breakthrough could see e-readers with videos in color

UC electrofluidics breakthrough could change the display technology used in a myriad of electronic devices. e-Readers like the Amazon Kindle may be able to display color and video.
12 Oct 2010

E-paper's 'electrofluidics' can hold an image without electrical power

A recent paper describes the new technology created by a collaboration between the University of Cincinnati and start-up company Gamma Dynamics LLC.
11 May 2009

The race is on to commercialize a full-color electronic reader

The race is on to make a full-color electronic reader a reality with a recent entry from researchers at the University of Cincinnati who have collaborated with Sun Chemical, Polymer Vision and Gamma Dynamics.