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23 Jul 2020

ML Approaches Will Be Ubiquitous For Chemicals & Materials R&D

In the future, all materials scientists and chemists will have access to machine learning tools to enhance their R&D. Seamlessly integrating these underlying operations will not happen quickly, but overlooking the developments in materials informatics will lead to a loss of any competitive advantage.
26 Jun 2020

Reversing relationships between design engineers & materials companies

On 24th July, Siemens and Citrine Informatics displayed their collaboration in bringing materials informatics and generative design together for the first time.
7 May 2020

Citrine Informatics

Citrine Informatics provide a materials informatics platform. IDTechEx spoke with Greg Mulholland (CEO and co-founder).
22 Jan 2020

Finalists Announced for 2019 R&D 100 Awards

Finalists for the venerable R&D 100 Awards have been announced by R&D World magazine and its new parent company, WTWH Media, LLC.
12 Dec 2019

Material for Safer Football Helmets May Reduce Head Injuries

Scientists have developed elastic microlattice pads that can withstand both single hits and a series of impacts better than existing state-of-the-art foams used in football helmets. Their research suggests that the material may pave the way for helmets that better protect football players and other athletes from brain injuries caused by repeated head hits.
26 Apr 2019

New 3D printed alloy registered

HRL Laboratories LLC, is commercializing its additively manufactured high-strength aluminum, which has obtained the first ever registration of an additive alloy from the Aluminum Association.
27 Sep 2017

3D printing high strength aluminium

A breakthrough in metallurgy with the announcement that researchers have developed a technique for successfully 3D printing high-strength aluminum alloys—including types Al7075 and Al6061—that opens the door to additive manufacturing of engineering-relevant alloys.
28 Aug 2017

HRL receives NASA award to 3-D print ceramic rocket engine components

The two-year program will culminate with hot-fire ground testing of rocket engines that contain 3D-printed heat-resistant components.
12 Jan 2016

Ceramics made stronger with 3D printing

A new method for 3D printing ceramic microlattices has been developed by researchers in the US.
4 Jan 2016

Breakthrough in ceramics 3D printing technology

A new milestone in 3D printing technology by developing a process that overcomes the limits of traditional ceramic parts and enables the development of high temperature, high strength ceramic components.
27 Mar 2015

Copper atoms bring a potential new battery material to life

A team of researchers has studied one member of a class of materials, called transition metal fluorides, that are potential cathodes for future lithium ion batteries.
22 Dec 2011

DOE awards over $7 million to advance hydrogen storage technologies

Energy department awards more than $7 mllion for inovative hydrogen storage technologies in fuel cell electric vehicles.