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HRL Laboratories, LLC
26 Apr

New 3D printed alloy registered

HRL Laboratories LLC, is commercializing its additively manufactured high-strength aluminum, which has obtained the first ever registration of an additive alloy from the Aluminum Association.
5 Feb

Lightweight Metals 2018-2028: Forecasts, Developments, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
27 Sep

3D printing high strength aluminium

A breakthrough in metallurgy with the announcement that researchers have developed a technique for successfully 3D printing high-strength aluminum alloys—including types Al7075 and Al6061—that opens the door to additive manufacturing of engineering-relevant alloys.
28 Aug

HRL receives NASA award to 3-D print ceramic rocket engine components

The two-year program will culminate with hot-fire ground testing of rocket engines that contain 3D-printed heat-resistant components.
12 Jan

Ceramics made stronger with 3D printing

A new method for 3D printing ceramic microlattices has been developed by researchers in the US.
4 Jan

Breakthrough in ceramics 3D printing technology

A new milestone in 3D printing technology by developing a process that overcomes the limits of traditional ceramic parts and enables the development of high temperature, high strength ceramic components.
27 Mar

Copper atoms bring a potential new battery material to life

A team of researchers has studied one member of a class of materials, called transition metal fluorides, that are potential cathodes for future lithium ion batteries.
22 Dec

DOE awards over $7 million to advance hydrogen storage technologies

Energy department awards more than $7 mllion for inovative hydrogen storage technologies in fuel cell electric vehicles.