Imagine Intelligent Materials

Imagine Intelligent Materials

Imagine built the first scalable graphene manufacturing plant in Australia. Their first product, imgne® X3, is a conductive coating, enabling leak detection in tailings dams and is marketed by market leading Australian geotextile company, Geofabrics.
Imagine's Finnish subsidiary focuses on signals processing and software development. Together these deliver a vertically integrated low-cost, real-time graphene sensing platform that can be scaled. Imagine plans to open a North American subsidiary in 2019.
Imagine is negotiating licensing and development agreements with several Fortune 500 companies and anticipates its first products going to market in Europe and North American in 2021.
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Imagine Intelligent Materials
11 Nov 2022

Nanocarbons in 2022: Small Sized but With a Growing Commercial Impact

The field of nanocarbons is not new and it has certainly been the victim of too much hype and false dawns, but things have changed. Across 2022 and into the decade ahead, CNTs and graphene will enter different phases of their industrial expansion.
13 Jul 2022

Graphene Market & 2D Materials Assessment 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins and Dr Conor O'Brien
21 Nov 2019

Graphene Surface Sensing (The Industrial Equivalent Of Skin)

Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd, Australia
23 Oct 2019

Graphene Market Research Tipping Point - Part 1

In this two-part article Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, a leading industry expert and Research Director at IDTechEx will discuss the global graphene market.
29 Aug 2018

Multifunctional Composites 2019-2029: Technology, Players, Market Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
27 Dec 2017

Conductive Smart Materials from Graphene

Imagine Intelligent Materials use graphene to create smart materials which sense and report real-time changes in stress, temperature and moisture.
Included are:
15 Nov 2017

Real Time Structural Health Reporting For Infrastructure Using Graphene Coated Geotextiles

Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd, Australia
25 Oct 2017

imgne X3 driving structural health reporting revolution using graphene

Come to booth Y27 at the IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara to see how graphene coated conductive textiles are going to change the way that infrastructure is built and maintained.
10 May 2017

How Functionalised Graphene Transforms Ordinary Materials Into Electrically Conductive, "Intelligent" Materials

Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd, Australia
16 Mar 2017

Graphene & 2D Materials Event Accelerating Graphene Commercialisation

The Graphene and 2D Materials Europe event will be the 10th business-focused IDTechEx exhibition and conference.
19 Nov 2015

Inherently Sensing Textiles

Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd, Australia