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12 Feb 2021

Artificial Intelligence Against Marine Litter

Floating sea macro-litter is a threat to the conservation of marine ecosystems worldwide. The largest density of floating litter is in the great ocean gyres -systems of circular currents that spin and catch litter- but the polluting waste is abundant in coastal waters and semi closed seas such as the Mediterranean.
9 May 2018

Energy self-consumption and building retrofitting

A presentation on this was given at ICREN Barcelona By VĂ­ctor Martinez City Council of Sant Cugat. He is in charge of the coordination of several European projects (FP7 & Horizon 2020) in Sant Cugat.
11 Dec 2015

Eurecat - CETEMMSA

CETEMMSA is a non-profit research institution with 19 years experience of applied research into smart materials and devices. In 2015 they merged with other local research centres to become Eurecat. CETEMMSA's research areas include printed electronics, high performance textiles including eTextiles, surface biofunctionalisation, printed circuits and components, photonics and others.
28 May 2012

EU funded project to advance CIGS technology

Initially, the project will exploit the potential of non vacuum processes based in nanostructured materials as electrochemical synthesis of nanocrystalline precursors and printing of nanoparticle based inks, as well as novel chemical based deposition processes for the development of modules on large area substrates with improved uniformity and at lower production costs.
23 May 2012

Electronics on paper, plastic and textiles

The PEC4 cluster has been created to bring together the actors involved in printed electronics and promote research, development and specialised training.
20 Sep 2011

CETEMMSA carries out research on photovoltaic textiles

The Technological Centre shows at ITMA fair the research potential in the field of Printed Electronics applied to photovoltaic energy in the frame of the European Project DEPHOTEX.