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22 Feb 2012

Paper electronics is successful: where next?

Electronics and electrics on or in paper is being used for security, safety, crime prevention, brand enhancement and merchandising.
8 Nov 2010

Paper Electronics

The largest event in the world on the subject Printed Electronics USA 2010 ( will once again have a growing minority of presentations on paper electronics.
24 Mar 2010

The truly integrated circuit is printed and flexible

For 40 years, so called integrated circuits have integrated little more than transistors, diodes and sensors onto one piece of material but now there are much more integrated circuits arriving where most electrical and electronic components are co-deposited on flexible substrates. Those flexible substrates are key, because this new electronics will be affordable and desirable on everything from apparel to human skin and electrical and consumer packaged goods, where surfaces are only rarely flat.
11 Dec 2009

At Stanford, nanotubes + ink + paper = instant battery

Dip an ordinary piece of paper into ink infused with carbon nanotubes and silver nanowires, and it turns into a battery or supercapacitor. Crumple the piece of paper, and it still works. Stanford researcher Yi Cui sees many uses for this new way of storing electricity.
3 Nov 2009

Thin films and nanotechnology for power

Printed electronics and electrics will be a $335 billion business in twenty years, just for devices primarily made by printing with electronic inks. IDTechEx gives a summary of the projections.
1 Dec 2008

Wider interest in printed electronics

At a time of financial uncertainty, companies know they must accelerate their move into the future. That is why there is a huge interest in printed electronics, a subject that pushes all the right buttons - environmental, affordable and leading to a new market of $300 billion that is just there for the taking. That is why the giant corporations are attending Printed Electronics USA, December 3-4 in San Jose, California.
8 Feb 2008

RFID - Larger Orders and More of Them

The largest RFID orders - here comes China - huge advances coming in HF RFID - new vibrant technologies.
1 Oct 2005

RFID progress at Wal-Mart

17 Jun 2005

Turning somersaults to make RFID work at UHF

11 Apr 2005

Update on EPC tagging of pallets and cases

10 Feb 2005

Rapid changes in RFID in Retail & CPG

14 Dec 2004

Rapid changes in RFID in Retailing