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Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM) was established in 1976 initially under the name of the Korea Test Institute of Machinery and Metals, in order to improve industrial technologies in the field of machinery and metal working as well as to domestically manufacture machinery, thereby replacing imports and upgrading machine quality to international levels. The KIMM has thus far led the development of the field of machinery in Korea. With the backing of its 30 years of experience and research capabilities, the KIMM is determined to pool all its capabilities to develop into an agency that will lead the industry, academia and research institutes.
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Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials
6 Oct 2021

A 3D Multifunctional and Flexible Neural Interface

Being able to measure the electrical activity of the brain has helped us gain a much better understanding of the brain's processes, functions, and diseases over the past decades. So far, much of this activity has been measured via electrodes placed on the scalp; however, being able to acquire signals directly from inside the brain itself during daily life activities could take neuroscience and neuromedicine to completely new levels.
22 Jul 2020

Remote Specimen Collection Robot

The robot system is composed of a master device controlled by medical personnel and a slave robot that interacts with patients. The slave robot is equipped with a disposable swab, which retrieves samples from the nose and mouth of a patient, and moves according to the operation of the master device.
20 Feb 2020

Robotic Hand can Handle Eggs, cut Paper with Scissors

The robotic hand can be easily mounted on a variety of robot arms, and offers the world's strongest grasping force against its own weight. It is expected that the use of robotic hands will be extended to industrial sites as well as everyday life.
2 Dec 2010

Roll-to-roll Printing Process and Equipment for Printed Electronics Mechanical System (PEMS)

Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, Korea
14 Apr 2010

Roll-to-Roll Printing Process and Equipments for Printed Electronics Mechanical System (PEMS)

Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, Korea, Korea