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17 Feb 2022

AI Generated Faces are More Trustworthy Than Real Faces

People cannot distinguish between a face generated by Artificial Intelligence and a real face say researchers, who are calling for safeguards to prevent "deep fakes".
13 Aug 2021

Opportunity to Develop World First Oil Pipeline Robotics

A team led by engineering firm Forth has worked for the past two-and-a-half years on the creation of FSWBot, an innovative friction stir welding robotic crawler devised for internal repair and refurbishment of pipelines, and they are now looking for assistance to help bring the working prototype to the commercial stage.
15 Dec 2020

Promising Material can Store Solar Energy for Months or Years

Researchers studying a crystalline material have discovered it has properties that allow it to capture energy from the sun. The energy can be stored for several months at room temperature, and it can be released on demand in the form of heat.
20 Feb 2020

CPI Partners with LiNa Energy to Create Next-Gen Battery Technology

CPI announced the success of its £250,000 collaborative project with LiNa Energy and Lancaster University to demonstrate the proof-of-concept of LiNa's novel sodium-nickel-chloride battery technology.
10 Jul 2019

Smart materials provide real-time insight into wearers' emotions

Smart wearable technology that changes colour, heats up, squeezes or vibrates as your emotions are heightened has the potential to help people with affective disorders better control their feelings.
8 Jul 2019

Deep-CEE: The AI tool helping astronomers explore deep space

Galaxy clusters are some of the most massive structures in the cosmos, but despite being millions of lightyears across, they can still be hard to spot. Researchers have turned to artificial intelligence for assistance, developing "Deep-CEE" (Deep Learning for Galaxy Cluster Extraction and Evaluation), a novel deep learning technique to speed up the process of finding them.
17 Jan 2019

CPI supporting LiNaMan Project to develop next generation EV batteries

Working alongside LiNa Energy and Lancaster University, CPI is supporting the development of a robust, low-cost and high performance energy storage battery to replace existing lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.
12 Sep 2018

Omnidirectional wind turbine wins Dyson Award

A truly-omnidirectional, single-axis wind turbine especially suitable for apartment buildings facing chaotic winds in urban environments.
13 Aug 2018

Smart cement mixtures could turn buildings into batteries

Buildings, bridges, street lamps and even curb-stones could be turned into cheap batteries with the discovery of new cement mixtures. Researchers have created a new smart cement mixture that is able to store electrical energy and can monitor its own structural health.
26 Jan 2018

Battery research to help super-charge electric vehicle revolution

The University of Bath is part of a consortium of academic and industry partners awarded Government funding to conduct research aimed at overcoming battery challenges to accelerate the electric vehicle revolution.
20 Nov 2017

Grant to establish robotics centre for tackling nuclear waste

It will go towards the creation of the National Centre for Nuclear Robotics which is a multi-university project that has received funding and contributions totalling £40m to bring together a diverse consortium of experts in robotics, AI, sensors and radiation resilient embedded systems to address nuclear waste problems.
20 Sep 2017

Developing roads that can generate power from passing traffic

Researchers are looking at advanced materials for roads and pavements that could generate electricity from passing traffic.
15 Sep 2017

RFID Sensors 2018-2028: Forecasts, Players, Opportunities

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He and Raghu Das
11 Jul 2017

A future without fakes thanks to quantum technology

Counterfeit products are a huge problem - from medicines to car parts, fake technology costs lives.
5 Dec 2016

Innovations in Large-Area Electronics Conference (innoLAE 2017)

A key event for the large-area electronics community, bringing industry and academia together and providing valuable opportunities to share the latest research results and discuss new projects and collaborations.
29 Nov 2016

Toddler robots help solve how children learn

Children learn new words using the same method as robots according to psychologists.
13 Feb 2015

Internet connected sheep

A new project in Conwy, North Wales, will investigate how the Internet of Things could work in the countryside.
11 Dec 2014

Powering space craft of the future

Engineers at Lancaster University are working on powering future 'giant leaps' for mankind.
30 Jun 2014

Government investment drives UK lead in IoT

A consortium of more than 40 UK-based technology companies funded by the UK's innovation agency, Technology Strategy Board, has delivered on the first phase of its initiative to accelerate the widespread move to the Internet of Things.