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Amolf & Leiden Institute of Physics FOM Institute AMOLF is one of the research laboratories of the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) located in Science Park Amsterdam. LION is the physics department of the university of Leiden.
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Leiden University
24 Dec

Cutting and pasting with graphene

To date it has proved very difficult to convert the promises of the miracle material graphene into practical applications. A researcher has developed a method of cutting graphene into smaller fragments using a diamond knife. He can then construct nanostructures from the fragments.
5 Nov

Atoms use tunnels to escape graphene cover

Physicists have now visualized for the first time how atoms behave in between graphene and a substrate. This insight could be instrumental for future implementations of industrial graphene production.
8 Oct

Electric genes hope to fix a broken heart

Broken hearts have long influenced songsters and poets, but scientists have also been occupied by its literal meaning and are now hoping to use electric gene therapy as a revolutionary new treatment for cardiac conditions.
9 Aug

Old mining techniques make a new way to recycle lithium batteries

Professor's idea to adapt 20th century mining technology to recycle lithium ion batteries, from the small ones in cell phones to the multi-kilowatt models that power electric cars, the same technologies used to separate metal from ore could be applied to spent batteries.
6 Aug

Nissan to sell electric battery business to Envision Group

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd announced it has entered into a definitive agreement with Envision Group for the sale of Nissan's electric battery operations and production facilities to Envision.
20 Feb


IDTechEx analyst Nadia Tsao interviewed Mimetas Managing Director and Co-Founder Dr Paul Vulto. Mimetas is an organ-on-a-chip company providing microfluidic well plates and 3D cell cultures based on their platform.
12 Feb

New malleable electronic skin: self-healable, recyclable

Researchers have developed a new type of malleable, self-healing and fully recyclable "electronic skin" that has applications ranging from robotics and prosthetic development to better biomedical devices.
14 Dec

Shift in wind power by end of the century

In the next century, wind resources may decrease in many regions of the Northern Hemisphere and could sharply increase in some hotspot regions down south, according to a study by University of Colorado Boulder researchers.
10 Nov

Tissue Engineering 2018-2028: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Nadia Tsao
1 Nov

Graphene sensors detect HIV DNA

These so-called 'next generation graphene electronic biochemical sensor devices' are able to detect very low amounts of HIV DNA thanks to their very low electronic noise.
26 Jul

Bouncing gel balls for energy and robotics

Water droplets float in a hot pan because of the so-called Leidenfrost effect. Physicists have discovered a variation: the so-called Elastic Leidenfrost effect.
11 May

Flexible, organic and biodegradable

As electronics become increasingly pervasive in our lives - from smart phones to wearable sensors - so too does the ever rising amount of electronic waste they create.
23 Jan

New low-cost technique converts bulk alloys to oxide nanowires

A simple technique for producing oxide nanowires directly from bulk materials could dramatically lower the cost of producing the one-dimensional nanostructures. That could open the door for a broad range of uses in lightweight structural composites, advanced sensors, electronic devices - and thermally-stable and strong battery membranes able to withstand temperatures of more than 1,000 degrees Celsius.
5 Sep

Grant to produce nuclear radiation energy-harvesting device

Research grant to develop nuclear radiation energy harvesting and through-wall wireless communication for enclosed metal containers in nuclear environments, like pressure reactor vessels or nuclear spent-fuel canisters.
19 Aug

Army grant for energy harvesting backpack

By using innovative technology designed by researchers, soldiers will soon have a lighter, more energy-efficient load to bear.
5 Aug

Flexible building blocks of the future

New mechanical "metamaterial" may revolutionize prosthetics and wearable technologies.
19 Apr

Scale up on ocean wave energy harvesting

The Mechanical Motion Rectifier, a novel power takeoff that uses the up and down and back and forth oscillation of wave energy and turns it into a unidirectional rotation to drive the generator.
23 Dec

Transparent metal films for smartphone, tablet and TV displays

A new material that is both highly transparent and electrically conductive could make large screen displays, smart windows and even touch screens and solar cells more affordable and efficient.
22 Oct

Perovskite solar cells made stable by metal oxide sandwich

UCLA professor Yang Yang, member of the California NanoSystems Institute, is a world-renowned innovator of solar cell technology whose team in recent years has developed next-generation solar cells constructed of perovskite, which has remarkable efficiency converting sunlight to electricity.
22 Oct

Guinness record for world's largest 3D printed structure

On the 30th September in Beijing, China the Guinness World Record for the largest 3D printed structure was awarded.