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LIC (Livestock Improvement Corp)
30 Nov 2020

Supercapacitor Technology for Green Energy

Supercapacitors (ultracapacitors) are the only capacitors using an electrochemical double layer (EDL) to give one thousand times more storage for a given weight or volume.
21 Aug 2020

Structural batteries as vehicle bodywork

Previously, we have discussed the widespread work on structural supercapacitors, noting that they have the advantage of not swelling and shrinking during charge-discharge unlike batteries.
15 Jul 2016

Wireless in-wheel motors

IDTechEx comments on research presented by the University of Tokyo and NSK at EVS29, June 2016.
14 Jul 2016

Improving lithium-ion capacitors

The suitability of the proposed technology has been analysed and it was proved that lithium-ion capacitors can act as a main power or energy source without any reduction of the system capabilities.
22 Oct 2012

Why ultracapacitors maintain 30% market growth

Ultracapacitors, also known as supercapacitors, have seen some setbacks lately. Market leader Maxwell Technologies has seen reduced ultracapacitor sales growth in early 2012 due to softness in Europe and Nanotecture, in Europe, developing the variant called a supercabattery went out of business.
28 May 2012

Goodbye Nanotecture

IDTechEx believes that the market action now lies with supercabatteries based on lithium-ion technology and commonly referred to as lithium capacitors because lithium-ion capacitors now have the largest market value.
23 Nov 2011

FDK, Asahi Kasei join in li-ion capacitor JV

FDK and Asahi Kasei today concluded a basic agreement to establish a joint-venture company for the combined operation of a lithium ion capacitor (LIC) business.
12 Nov 2010

New Supercabatteries

Taiyo Yuden's Hybrid LIC boasts the key features of batteries (high voltage and high energy) while maintaining the traditional characteristics of capacitors (rapid charge/discharge, high durability, safety and environmental friendliness).
26 Dec 2005

New Zealand improves livestock traceability