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Lightricity Ltd is a new spin-out company from Sharp Laboratories of Europe, Sharp's European R&D laboratory in Oxford. Lightricity has been established with the aim of commercialising and further developing the world-leading PV energy harvesting technology originating from Sharp Laboratories. Lightricity's energy harvesting technology is up to 6x more efficient per area, aesthetically more attractive and easier to integrate. Lightricity also offers customised IoT sub-systems and product solutions, eliminating the need for battery replacements or for recharging of low-power IoT products and devices.
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9 Feb 2021

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16 Dec 2020

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22 May 2020


Lightricity is a niche photovoltaic start up, spun off from SHARP Laboratories of Europe in the UK. They focus on indoors where their technology has an exceptional 30% efficiency there, particularly under white LED and Fluorescent lighting.
17 Oct 2018

Ambient light energy harvesting watch from Lightricity

Lightricity discuss their ambient light energy harvester, the highest in the world. In this case employed in a watch, however, other customers are applying it to different applications.
Included are:
12 Apr 2018

Customisable Ultra-High Efficiency PV Energy Harvester For Challenging IoT Applications

Lightricity, United Kingdom
28 Jul 2017

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11 May 2017

World's Most Efficient Indoor Light Energy Harvester: Performance And Case Studies

Lightricity, United Kingdom