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Lyngsoe Systems AS is one of the world's leading software manufacturers and systems integrators of logistics solutions for a wide range of monitoring and automating processes in complex logistics chain environments.
Lyngsoe Systems' solutions enable our customers to improve their quality of service and global competitiveness, reduce costs and optimise their return on investment.
With more than 1,300 installations worldwide, the Lyngsoe team can demonstrate extensive experience in system design, software manufacturing, installation, service and maintenance of a wide variety of Lyngsoe Systems' solutions. We also offer complete project management and consultancy services.
Lyngsoe Systems works closely with customers to provide solutions within the:
  • Postal sector
  • Airport sector
  • Supply chain sector
  • Care management sector
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Lyngsoe Systems
16 Mar 2023

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr Yu-Han Chang and Raghu Das
21 Oct 2008

Highlights from RFID Europe 2008

IDTechEx's leading RFID Europe 2008 event, staged in Cambridge, UK once again led the field delivering an excellent show for all attendees.
30 Sep 2008

RFID in Use in Airports - Hong Kong, Malpensa, Lisbon, Copenhagen, and Dubai

Lyngsoe Systems, Denmark
29 Sep 2008

Lyngsoe Systems, Denmark
30 Jun 2008

Vibrant RFID markets to be analysed in RFID Europe

Printed electronics is used in RFID to a steadily increasing extent as volumes start to exceed those met in any other form of electronics.
9 Jun 2008

Vibrant RFID markets

The global RFID market continues its rapid growth as record orders up to $0.5 billion each are serviced. This year demand for RFID is on target for $5.3 billion globally as it powers its way to $27 billion in 2018. Indeed, much is now happening in Europe, although it is the US and China that share top slot as RFID spenders at present.
18 Sep 2007

The Implementation and Benefits of RFID at Hong Kong Airport

Lyngsoe Systems, Denmark
20 Feb 2007

Process optimization, increased quality of service and complete logistic assets visibility with RFID

Lyngsoe Systems Inc, United States
20 Dec 2006

Significant RFID Roll-Outs in the Postal Sector

In 2007, approximately 650 billion articles will be sent through postal and courier systems around the world. After retail, the tagging of each postal item is the next largest potential market for RFID by volume of tags. There are numerous significant RFID roll-outs in this sector which are under publicized, and here Raghu Das from IDTechEx summarises the latest progress.
11 Dec 2006

Active RFID Attracts More Big Money

With the launch of an RFID Investment Summit to be held in Boston on Feb 20, Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx looks at the recent investor interest in RFID and particularly active RFID and Real Time Locating Systems.
7 Nov 2005

RFID in the Postal and Courier service

The second biggest application of item level RFID after retail. 10 year forecasts.