Markforged is the leading manufacturer of industrial 3D printers. With Markforged composite and metal 3D printers, businesses can quickly and affordably print parts strong enough for the factory floor. Founded in 2013 and based in Watertown, MA, Markforged has over 150 employees, with $57 million in strategic and venture capital.
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8 Jan 2024

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 2024-2034: Technology and Market Outlook

IDTechEx Report: Sona Dadhania
16 Jan 2023


In July 2022, Markforged acquired Digital Metal, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swedish multinational Höganäs AB developing metal binder jetting printers.
6 Oct 2022

Polymer Additive Manufacturing 2023-2033: Technology and Market Outlook

IDTechEx Report: Sona Dadhania
13 Jul 2022

Markforged to Expand into Mass Production of End-Use Metal Parts

Markforged has entered into a definitive agreement with Höganäs AB to acquire Digital Metal, the creator of a leading binder jetting solution known to be precise and reliable, extending Markforged's capabilities into high-throughput production of metal additive parts.
13 Jun 2022

3D Printing Materials Market 2022-2032

IDTechEx Report: Sona Dadhania
7 Apr 2022

Markforged Expands Software with Acquisition of Teton Simulation

Markforged announced the acquisition of Teton Simulation Software, whose SmartSlice™ technology automates validation and optimizes part performance for additive manufacturing applications.
11 Mar 2022

Metal Additive Manufacturing 2022-2032: Technology and Market Outlook

IDTechEx Report: Sona Dadhania
9 Mar 2022

Markforged Expands Digital Forge Capabilities with Precise PLA

Markforged announced the addition of Precise PLA to its portfolio of materials. The new capability allows customers to product design and iterate in a cost-effective manner. The Digital Forge platform is now able to address all stages of product design - from validation, which relies on more affordable materials like Precise PLA, to strong, end-use applications reliant on Markforged's carbon fiber reinforced and metal-printed parts.
14 Dec 2021

3D Printing Hardware 2022-2032: Technology and Market Outlook

IDTechEx Report: Sona Dadhania
23 Aug 2021

3D Printing Ceramics 2022-2032: Technology and Market Outlook

IDTechEx Report: Sona Dadhania
16 Jul 2021

Markforged Announces Listing on New York Stock Exchange

Markforged Inc has completed its previously announced merger with one, a special purpose acquisition company sponsored by A-star and founded and led by technology industry veteran Kevin Hartz. The combined company, named Markforged Holding Corporation, is expected to commence trading on the New York Stock Exchange beginning on July 15, 2021 under the ticker symbol "MKFG" for Markforged common stock and "MKFG.WS" for Markforged warrants.
13 Jul 2021

Würth Additive Group Expands Distribution of Markforged Digital Forge

Markforged, the creator of the Digital Forge, the integrated metal and carbon fiber industrial 3D printing platform, has signed a global agreement with Würth Additive Group, a Würth Industry North America company. The expanded agreement will incorporate the Digital Forge into Würth Additive Group's additive manufacturing solutions on a global scale.
9 Jul 2021


Markforged is a company that specialize in 3D printing of composites and metals. IDTechEx visited their facilities and spoke with Michael Papish (Head of Marketing) and Elissa Silverman (Senior Product Marketing Manager).
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7 Jul 2021

3D Printing Composites 2021-2031: Technology and Market Analysis

IDTechEx Report:
6 Jul 2020


Markforged are notable players in composite 3D printing (notably with continuous carbon fiber) and Metal 3D printing.
29 Nov 2018


Update from IDTechEx Show! USA 2018.
20 Nov 2018


15 Nov 2018

Carbon-Fiber Footprint Puts Markforged Step Ahead Of The Competition

Markforged, United States
16 Aug 2018

Mantis Composites

16 Aug 2018

Continuous Composites