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Marshall Solutions - the consulting arm of MA - undertakes a wide range of aerospace related analysis. Subjects covered include efficiency and logistics optimisation, study of conceptual designs and assessment of new ideas and technologies. The Solutions Team has access to a vast amount of corporate knowledge on aerospace and vehicle engineering Marshall Solutions is particularly keen on working with RFID and RTLS companies to develop their technology for aerospace applications.
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Marshall Aerospace
24 Sep 2008

RFID Truths: The Real State of the RFID Market

By value, we forecast that in 2009 the value of the RFID market will grow by 23% over 2008, and in 2010 it will grow by 25% over 2009 - not exponential, but still very strong growth.
17 Sep 2008

Ruggedised and apparel RFID become popular

At Europe's largest RFID conference, RFID Europe, in Cambridge UK 30th September - 1 October, the most impressive users, developers and suppliers of ruggedised and apparel RFID will present their new advances and view of the future.
16 Sep 2008

Ruggedised and Apparel RFID Become Popular

The IDTechEx Knowledgebase of over 3,500 RFID projects in 109 countries illustrates how this market of over $5 billion is rapidly diversifying.
14 Aug 2008

Rapid Improvements in Real Time Locating Systems

One reason why the market for Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) is growing rapidly to pass the billion dollar mark well within ten years is technology. It is improving rapidly, with new variants for the many new sub sectors of the market that are emerging.
16 Jul 2008

RFID and the Printing Industry

Printed RFID is only part of an emerging $300 billion business in printing many forms of electronics and electrics.
7 Jul 2008

New technology powers big RFID orderbook

New antenna advances will be covered at RFID Europe later this year - presentations include Leonhard Kurz of Germany developers of printed RFID and other futuristic capabilities. You can also visit Conductive Inkjet Technology which has new antenna technology and Marshall Aerospace.
27 Jun 2008

New technology powers big RFID order book

One million transistors is not enough for the RFID chip in the new e-passports because, increasingly, they have to double as driver's licenses, multipurpose cards and other media.