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Meco Equipment Engineers B.V. (member of the BESI group) is a leading equipment supplier of plating systems for the semiconductor, connector and film & foil industry.
Meco's new development, the Flex Antenna Plating system (Meco FAP) is the solution for tomorrow's low cost antenna production where high volume, product flexibility and process robustness become key!
Over the years, the Meco systems have established an international reputation for high performance, outstanding reliability, top quality and unbeatable economy.
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26 Nov 2018

Record-breaking solar cells get ready for mass production

Sandwiching an oxygen-rich layer of silicon between a solar cell and its metal contact has allowed researchers in Europe to break performance records for the efficiency with which silicon solar cells convert sunlight into electricity. But the challenge now is how to make these so-called passivating contacts suitable for mass production.
28 Oct 2016

ADPV signs joint development contract with Solliance

Solliance is pleased to announce that ADPV Limited has signed a Joint development contract with Solliance concerning the development of two-step electroplated CIGS modules.
10 Jul 2014

Solar cell technology based on N-type substrates

Nano-electronics research center imec, has reported an n-type PERT crystalline silicon (Si) solar cell fabricated on a large area wafer (15.6cm x 15.6 cm) reaching a top conversion efficiency of 21.5 percent (calibrated at ISE Callab).
4 Oct 2013

Copper technology for i-PERC-type silicon solar cells

New large area cells (156x156mm2) achieve 20.5% average efficiency using Nickel/Copper plating on p-type Czochralski Silicon (Cz-Si) material.
19 Sep 2007

RFID Antennae Production – Today and Tomorrow

Meco Equipment Engineers B.V., Netherlands
23 May 2007

The Prosperous Market for RFID

The market for RFID continues to surge forward, with investments, acquisitions and orders at record levels. The premier European IDTechEx conference RFID Europe, on the 18-19 September in Cambridge UK, will air all these aspects.
22 Feb 2007

RFID antennae production – today and tomorrow

Meco Equipment Engineers B.V., Netherlands