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18 Feb 2021

Aerogels 2021-2031: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
11 Feb 2021

Smart Sensor Bandage to Prevent Chronic Wounds

In a time of COVID-19 restrictions and minimal travel, many people are turning to virtual doctor appointments and consultations as a safer alternative to in-person doctor visits. Researchers at are working to make this new wave of telemedicine more successful by creating an oxygen-sensing patch printed on a flexible, disposable bandage that can interact with a smartphone. This smart bandage could enable remote monitoring for the early detection of illnesses such as pressure ulcers, allowing for immediate treatment or intervention.
17 Apr 2020

DNA Biosensor for Early Stage Disease Detection

Disease detection at an early stage is one of the biggest challenges biochemists and materials scientists are trying to meet. Researchers used nanotechnology in biomedical diagnostics - a process called nanodiagnostics - to create a new, ultrasensitive DNA biosensor. The new sensor could potentially detect DNA-based biomarkers for early diagnosis of cancer and genetic disorders, as well as monitor patient responses to therapies.
18 Apr 2019

Economical way to produce high performance thin films

Researchers have found an unprecedented, economical method for creating high-performance inorganic thin films, or "epitaxial" films, used in the manufacture of semiconductors for flexible electronics, LEDs and solar cells.
31 Jul 2018

3D printing the next generation of batteries

Additive manufacturing can be used to manufacture porous electrodes for lithium-ion batteries--but because of the nature of the manufacturing process, the design of these 3-D printed electrodes is limited to just a few possible architectures.
16 Apr 2018

After Uber, Tesla incidents, can artificial intelligence be trusted?

Considering last month's fatal crash of a self-driving Uber that took the life of a woman in Tempe, Arizona, and the recent death of a test-driver of a semi-autonomous vehicle being developed by Tesla, peoples' trust in the technology behind autonomous vehicles may also have taken a hit.
24 Mar 2017

Research leads to a golden discovery for wearable technology

Some day, your smartphone might completely conform to your wrist, and when it does, it might be covered in pure gold.
14 Sep 2016

Wearable tracker could help patients, soldiers

Researchers have developed a multi-modal sensing device that can track the fine-grained activities and behavior of people with dementia — and it could help in Army combat training, too.
12 May 2016

Team boosts lithium-ion battery performance

Researchers are working to solve the problem of short-life of lithium-ion batteries like those used in laptops and cellphones, making them reliable and longer-lasting using a thin-film coating technique called atomic layer deposition.
31 Aug 2015

A partnership to secure and protect the emerging Internet of Things

National Science Foundation and Intel Corporation team to improve the security and privacy of computing systems that interact with the physical world using a new cooperative research model.
14 Aug 2009

Flood of traction battery money will benefit harvesting

The world is putting over $50 million in government funding into electric cars and the Obama administration is also putting a large sum into the enabling technologies, particularly batteries.