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Mojix is a leading software provider of ITEM LEVEL intelligence solutions to the retail and industrial markets. Our primary focus is the digitization and automation of supply chains in real time using technology designed to solve the big data problems created by collecting large-scale amounts of data from various wireless and wired sources. Mojix item chain management solutions provide big data scalability and feature highly configurable application frameworks and elegant user interfaces with advanced analytics, enabling end-to-end operational intelligence and data visibility across multiple industries. For more information, visit
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16 Mar 2023

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr Yu-Han Chang and Raghu Das
29 Nov 2018


29 Sep 2010

Mojix, United States
6 Nov 2009

Energy Harvesting & Storage and RTLS & WSN conference summary

The first day of the conference (attended by more than 290 attendees) was focused on presentations from end users of energy harvesting and wireless sensor networks technologies, with the first presentation given by IDTechEx CEO Raghu Das, giving an overview of needs for energy harvesting as well as the three generations of technologies (active RFID, RTLS and mesh & WSN) that have evolved into the current market for Wireless Sensor Networks, a market due to reach US$1.75 Billion by 2019.
3 Nov 2009

Passive RTLS: The Next Generation RFID

Mojix, United States
15 Oct 2009

Wireless Sensor Networks and RTLS: The Growth Areas

Active RFID will rise from 10% of the total RFID market this year to 24% in 2019, meaning a huge $6.74 billion market.
30 Sep 2009

Enabling the Next Generation of RFID Deployments

MOJIX, Switzerland
14 Aug 2008

Rapid Improvements in Real Time Locating Systems

One reason why the market for Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) is growing rapidly to pass the billion dollar mark well within ten years is technology. It is improving rapidly, with new variants for the many new sub sectors of the market that are emerging.
22 Jul 2008

Real Time Locating Systems Using Passive Tags - High Volume RTLS?

Passive radar is a term applied to radar that covertly employs other people's emissions as they reveal targets, no signal being emitted by those doing the covert detection. This has military uses. It is not to be confused with Real Time Locating System RTLS using passive tags, a new form of RFID-based RTLS that has burst onto the scene in 2008. This employs passive tags instead of the traditional active tags. The idea is actually about ten years old and it was mooted as a UHF system by Trolleyscan who called it RFID Radar and demonstrated by RFSAW, which uses Surface Acoustic Wave chips that are more sensitive and simpler to make than the silicon chips used by everyone else - active and passive.