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National University of Singapore
9 Nov

Could upcycled aerogel solve a burning issue?

Scientists have developed the world's first aerogel made from recycled plastics. Constructed from old soft-drink bottles, the aerogel could find useful applications in everything from sound proofing to oil spills, and could also be a novel way to combat the global plastic waste epidemic.
28 Aug

Asia's first fully solar-powered quadcopter drone

Aircraft that can take off and land directly without the need for a runway - such as helicopters and quadcopters - are attractive for personal, commercial and military applications as they require less physical space and infrastructure compared to traditional fixed wing planes. A team from the National University of Singapore has achieved a major step forward in stretching the capabilities of quadcopter drones by powering the flight solely by natural sunlight.
11 Jul

Creating displays with richer colours

Researchers have developed a colour-enhancement film that could bring richer and more natural colours to next-generation flat-panel electronic displays.
16 May

Solid state electrolyte for batteries

Solid state electrolytes have attracted tremendous attentions in recent years due largely to their commercial applications for highly safe energy storage and large energy storage devices.
20 Apr

A graphene roll-out

MIT engineers have developed a continuous manufacturing process that produces long strips of high-quality graphene.
12 Apr

Selective And Sensitive Sensors Based On Molecularly Imprinted Polymers For Environmental And Biomedical Analysis

National University of Singapore, Singapore
12 Apr

Cost effective technique for mass production of high-quality graphene

A research team have developed an economical and industrially viable strategy to produce graphene. The new technique addresses the long-standing challenge of an efficient process for large-scale production of graphene, and paves the way for sustainable synthesis of the material.
26 Mar

Fish scale-derived collagen effective for healing wounds

Scientists have established that collagen derived from fish scales could be effective for various biomedical applications such as wound healing.
31 Jan

Kateeva appoints Marc Haugen as Chief Operating Officer

Kateeva announced that the company has expanded its executive team by appointing Marc Haugen as chief operating officer.
23 Jan

New Smart Water Assessment Network (NUSwan)

Maintaining water quality, especially in urbanized landscapes, is highly challenging since water bodies are exposed to varying sources of pollutants from urban run-offs and industries.
12 Jan

Manned Electric Aircraft 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
17 Nov

Manta ray robot swims faster and operates up to 10 hours

The nature-inspired robot could one day substitute traditional autonomous underwater vehicles
31 Oct

Research breaks new ground in memory technology

An international research team pioneered the development of a novel thin, organic film that supports a million more times read-write cycles and consumes 1,000 times less power than commercial flash memories.
25 Jul

Neuroprosthetics 2018-2028: Technologies, Forecasts, Players

IDTechEx Report:
14 Nov

Driverless-vehicle options now include scooters

Using the same control algorithms for all types of vehicles — scooters, golf carts, and city cars — has several advantages. One is that it becomes much more practical to perform reliable analyses of the system's overall performance.
3 Nov

Silicon valley: doctor heal thyself

Silicon Valley in California spawns the awesome giants that hold the future in their hands but they cannot solve their traffic problem.
31 Oct

Airbus Vahana robot air taxi

Airbus Group experts are looking skywards to develop radical concepts that will relieve urban congestion.
22 Jul

Plastic flexible magnetic memory device

Smart plastic demonstrates excellent performance in terms of data storage and processing capabilities.
3 Jun

3D printing creates customised tablets

Those suffering from ailments such as arthritis, asthma and peptic ulcers will welcome the promise of a personalised pill.
6 Jan

2D Islands in graphene hold promise for future device fabrication

In what could prove to be a significant advance in the fabrication of graphene-based nanodevices, a team of Berkeley Lab researchers has discovered a new mechanism for assembling two-dimensional (2D) molecular "islands" that could be used to modify graphene at the nanometer scale.