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Natureo Finance is a renewable and clean-tech focused investment bank founded by industry specialists from leading boutiques and bulge-bracket investment banks. We help our clients solve strategic issues through a comprehensive financial and industrial approach. We aim at becoming the trusted partner of entrepreneurs and project sponsors as well as the expert consultant for industrial groups and private equity investors looking for credible and "sustainable" opportunities in the field. We have the skills to accompany our clients globally on transactions such as strategic consulting, merger and acquisition, fund raising, due diligence and institutional research.
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Natureo Finance
16 Nov 2011

The death of lead acid batteries

In historical terms, the death of the flint tool, cooking by dung and other bygone technologies occurred very rapidly. This was because several factors conspired to bring in the better alternative and this created a multiplier effect. So it is with lead acid batteries. To this huge industry and the magazines that write about it, there is a long term, if unspectacular, future for the lead acid battery in vehicles - the main use.
29 Jun 2011

The Lithium Battery Sector: Analysis of the Market, the Value Chain and a Methodology for Identifying Winners

Natureo Finance, France
6 May 2011

Comprehensive line-up for Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air

Analysts IDTechEx have added a number of carefully chosen best-in-class speakers to the lineup for their unique event that covers the whole subject for the first time. There are six on-road vehicle manufacturers plus two companies involved in off-road electric vehicles. Six organisations describe electric aircraft work and four speakers cover their inland and seagoing electric boats.
28 Apr 2011

Electric Vehicles - But Not As We Know Them

Today's electric family cars are useless in telling us anything about the future. The design and adoption of electric vehicles is subject to sudden change driven by surprising factors. The unique event "Electric Vehicles - Land Sea Air" in Stuttgart, Germany is alone in looking at the big picture in order to clarify what is really going on.
27 Apr 2011

Heavy VC Funding of EVs

A new analysis by Ernst & Young reveals where US venture capital for green projects is now being directed. In the first quarter of this year, venture capital investment into clean technology companies by US firms has increased by about two-thirds since the economic dip of early 2009.
26 Apr 2011

New French EV sharing scheme

An electric vehicle sharing campaign is being implemented in the French Riviera and Monaco and its service provider has called upon contactless smart card manufacturer ASK of Nice to provide the technology.