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15 Jun 2020

Will Augmented Reality Become the Next Leader for Sports Metrics?

By 2030, $20Bn of the AR/VR market are expected to be standalone-AR devices. As a result, will augmented reality become the next leader for sports metrics?
14 Jan 2020

The Application of Augmented Reality in Sport

Augmented reality has many different use cases. This article discusses some of the augmented reality products which are designed for a sports application.
31 Dec 2019

Oakley Expands Adoption of HP's 3D Printing Prototyping Technology

HP has unveiled an expanded relationship with Oakley, helping to advance the brand's sports performance design process to meet the needs of the world's best athletes. With HP's Jet Fusion 3D printer, during the development stage, Oakley is reinventing how the brand prototypes and creates functional parts by leveraging the technology across Oakley's portfolio of sports accessories, equipment and lifestyle products.
12 Jul 2018

Oakley and Bioracer launch Graphene Plus cycling jersey

The Company's unique, printed G+ planar thermal circuit distributes the heat generated by the body and dissipates it when needed to significantly improve the comfort of the wearer and enable riders to use less energy to regulate their body temperature.
4 Aug 2017

AR Wars, episode II: The return of Glass

The announcement of the relaunch Glass EE brings Google back in the game it kick started -for all intents and purposes- back in 2013, and this time the AR headset finds itself in a battle of the (enterprise) niches.
6 Oct 2016

Less is more in smart eyewear

With the recent launch and announcement of two smart eyewear products in two weeks, IDTechEx Technology Analyst James Hayward looks back at the checkered history of smart eyewear, and examines what the differences will be with this new generation of products.
10 Aug 2015

Vuzix Corporation

Vuzix has developed a new eye-worn computer, the M100 smartglasses, one of the few products of this kind currently available for sale. This profile outlines their basic activities and future work in the space for eye-worn computers
19 Jun 2015

Intel acquires Recon; eyes future of wearables

On Tuesday, Intel completed the acquisition of Recon Instruments, maker of the new, critically acclaimed Recon Jetâ„¢ smart eyewear for sports and high-intensity environments.