OMsignal Inc

OMsignal Inc

30 Jan 2019
OMsignal is the leader in accurate, continuous, biometric data collection in real life contexts. Our biosensing smart apparel platform is at the foundation of a new era of data-driven personalization for sport, wellness and healthcare. With over 1 billion heartbeats and 100 million breaths collected to date, OMsignal has taken medical-grade biometrics from the lab into the real world using the ultimate form factor - apparel.
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OMsignal Inc
2 Oct 2018

Stretchable and Conformal Electronics 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, James Hayward and Dr Xiaoxi He
16 Nov 2017

OMsignal Welcome To The Era Of Always-On Monitoring

OMsignal, Canada
28 Jul 2017

New smart clothing technology

Available as a suite of premium and high-performing stretchable electronic inks and flexible substrates, Intexar is seamlessly embedded directly onto fabric using standard apparel manufacturing processes to create thin, form-fitting circuits.
17 Aug 2016

Flex - Fashion and Apparel division

Known partner/customer of both Flex and MAS Holdings.
21 Mar 2016

Updates from WTS16: Clothing, e-textiles and flexible electronics

IDTechEx met with many existing and a couple of new contacts from the smart clothing space at the Wearable Technology Show, in London's Excel Exhibition Centre. Commercial momentum is growing very slowly in these spaces as players approach the markets for the first time, and the competition is beginning to heat up. This article summarises IDTechEx's learnings at the show.
6 Mar 2016

Cityzen Sciences

Cityzen Sciences are a French company based in Lyon, and founded in 2008. They specialise in developing smart fabric concepts, including wearable sensors and physiological monitoring systems. IDTechEx interviewed Antoine Ormières at a wearable technology event in January 2016.
21 Oct 2015


Smart clothing products
4 Sep 2015

High-performance, fashion-forward Polo Tech shirt

The Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt features sensors knitted into the core of the product to read biological and physiological information.
28 Aug 2015

Sarvint Technologies

Sarvint Technologies are a small company from Atlanta, Georgia. They hold two key patents around smart clothing and sensing, and came to the attention of the industry when they filed multiple parallel IP infringement claims against all of the players in the US with these products. They have now gained $6m Series A funding of their own, and will release a smart clothing product with biometric sensors in Q1 2016.
21 May 2015


Smart clothing products.
25 Jan 2015

Ohmatex ApS

Electronics and textile integrators
16 Jan 2015

Complaints for patent infringement for wearable technology

Sarvint Technologies, Inc, a wearable technology company, has filed complaints in the United States District Court.
8 Dec 2014

Canada scores a hat trick at printed electronics' top industry event

In true national form, Canada's delegation to the Printed Electronics USA 2014 conference made a lasting impression, thanks in no small part to a strong performance on the ice.
10 Dec 2013

adidas Wearable Sports Electronics

Smart clothing