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PARU FE's two step 'printing & curing' process significantly reduced process steps compared with copper etching system.
PARU inks are printed with conventional printing technology such as roll to roll gravure, offset, screen and inkjet.
We are making the highly conductive silver and cooper inks using nanoparticles for R2R gravure printing and inkjet printing. We are now using the Single walled carbon nanotube for semi-conductive inks which can be applied for printing.
Our technologies can be used for printed RF label & logo, printed photovoltaic, printed display, printed sensor, FPCB, printed fuel cell and Bio-technology.
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5 Nov

The RFID Market and the Opportunity for Printed Electronics (2)

In the previous article we looked at the size of the RFID market and how printed electronics was impacting the manufacturing of antennas for RFID tags. In this article, IDTechEx explores the latest progress in replacing the silicon chip in an RFID tag.
29 Aug

Functional Materials for Future Electronics: Metals, Inorganic & Organic Compounds, Graphene, CNT

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh
15 Aug

Wireless power for the price of a penny

The newspaper-style printing of electronic equipment has led to a cost-effective device that could change the way we interact with everyday objects.
27 Oct

IDTechEx Hong Kong event award winners

IDTechEx held their Printed Electronics Asia and Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy Harvesting & RFID conference in Hong Kong last week. This was the first time all these topics were brought together at one event.
1 Oct

Sunchon University printed transistors

Professor Cho of Sunchon University South Korea presented on his transistor work at the IDTechEx RFID Europe event in Cambridge UK.
24 Mar

Nanobased printed RFID will reduce the cost of printing tags

Long checkout lines could be history with a new printable transmitter that can be invisibly embedded in packaging.
7 Jan

Printed RFID in 2010

IDTechEx projects that the market for passive RFID tags will grow to over $10 billion in sales by 2019. Much of it will continue to use silicon chips. Dr Peter Harrop forecasts the Printed RFID market for 2010.
12 May

Printed RFID Tags from Paru Korea

29 Mar

Printed Electronics - the Giants Get Involved

Printed electronics often involves simple things such as printed conductive patterns to counter the pollution, unreliability, bulk, weight and cost of wires, solder and etched patterns. Most commonly, printed electronics will be used where traditional technology is simply not a feasible solution, such as wallpaper that generates power and doubles as a television and lighting or electronic anti-counterfeiting on 100 billion cigarette packets yearly, giving traceability at a cost of only 0.1 cents per package.
1 Mar

Printed Electronics vs Silicon

Although the capabilities of complex silicon chips increase at a rapid pace, there is little or no reduction in cost of the simplest silicon chips. How does printed electronics fit in?
12 Feb

Printed Electronics - On Track to a Major Industry

Progress with printed and thin film electronics.