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6 Dec 2016

Solar powered plane to reach the edge of space

he SolarStratos Mission began in 2014 and is the brainchild of Raphaƫl Domjan, eco- adventurer. He will be flying to an altitude of over 80,000 feet on board the first two-seater solar aircraft, and is already preparing for his stratospheric flight.
7 Feb 2014

Electric Aircraft Launches 2014-2024

19 Aug 2011

Electric aircraft with solar hangar

PC-Aero is the winner of the Lindbergh Prize for Electric Aircraft Vision Award for their integration of Solar World's solar technology into their ELEKTRA ONE aircraft and the supporting hangar.
29 Mar 2011

Electric Aircraft Elektra One performs first internal flight

The Electric Aircraft Elektra One, developed by Calin Gologan, performed its first internal flight on Saturday, 19 March 2011 at the Augsburg Airport in Germany.
17 Feb 2011

Electric Aircraft Academy

Leisure aviation, special missions and the future commercial applications
7 Dec 2010

Elektra One Electric Aircraft from Germany

PC-Aero, Germany
22 Nov 2010

Control system for electric aircraft

Bye Energy an integrator of alternative energy technologies is poised to provide the aviation community with a safe, economical, efficient, and quiet, low-emission "green" aircraft propulsion alternative to the internal combustion engine through an electric hybrid propulsion system (EHPS).
3 Nov 2010

Wireless electric vehicles

At the unique IDTechEx event, "Future of Electric Vehicles" in San Jose USA December 7-8, these "sea changes" will be tracked by the experts involved in land, air and, yes, seagoing electric vehicles.
19 Oct 2010

Boeing's solar powered unmanned aircraft

A large unmanned aircraft using solar energy may soon be stationed on the edge of space, said Boeing in a recent statement. The aircraft which has a 400-foot wing to increase solar power will have highly efficient electric motors and propellers.
18 Oct 2010

DARPA invests $89 million in Boeing's Solar Eagle

Boeing has announced that it has won $89 million in funding from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) who has selected a concept developed by the Boeing Company for the second phase of the Vulture long-endurance unmanned aerial system (UAS) program.
12 Oct 2010

Solar power for electric vehicles

Most of the companies developing photovoltaics have been obsessed with reaching grid parity meaning competitiveness with conventional grid electricity generation which is often highly subsidised. More recently, it has been realised that the market for disposable photovoltaics on consumer goods is at least as large and even the potential on electric vehicles by land, water and air, could be an enticing billion square meters a year, comparable to that for buildings.
6 Oct 2010

New electric planes take off

It seems back to front but the unmanned pure electric aircraft have often been huge, including the AeroVironment and Aurora Flight Sciences vehicles that cruise to upper atmosphere on solar energy carrying out surveillance.
29 Sep 2010

New electric aircraft engines

Gas-powered engines could be used during takeoffs, when aircraft use the most energy, while battery-powered motors could power the aircraft while it is cruising or landing.
27 Sep 2010

Huge sales opportunities for EVs and their components into East Asia

Those seeking to create multibillion dollar businesses in electric vehicles, their components, intellectual property and services should look at the world's largest market - East Asia. This region of the world purchases about 56% of the global market value of electric vehicles for land, sea and air and it will still be doing that in ten years time. For Western companies to take this huge opportunity seriously they first need to slay six myths.
23 Sep 2010

New OPV company launched

Cambridge Enterprise, the University of Cambridge's commercialisation office, and the Carbon Trust have announced the launch of Eight19 Limited, a new solar energy company which will develop and manufacture high performance, lower cost plastic solar cells for high-growth volume markets.
21 Sep 2010

Development of roll out solar cells

Rhodia, an international chemical company, has joined with the UK's Carbon Trust in a £4.5 million investment in solar energy start-up Eight19 to develop organic photovoltaic technology.
20 Sep 2010

Closer look on the 2nd German stimulus package & 1st model region

With joint efforts the federal government and the German economy is going to develop Germany into an international driving market for e-mobility. The objective is to have one million electric vehicles and a further 500,000 fuel cell powered vehicles operating on Germany's roads by 2020. Germany is also strong in electric aircraft such as PC-Aero and in industrial EVs.
17 Sep 2010

TSMC begins building solar R&D center and fab in central Taiwan

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company enters into the thin-film solar photovoltaic (PV) market.
15 Sep 2010

Self dusting solar panels

Self-cleaning technology he designed for Mars and lunar missions can be used to keep solar panels clean via thin transparent conducting wires embedded on panel surfaces through which a pulsed phased voltage is applied.
7 Sep 2010

New PV physics promises higher efficiency

Researchers from three institutions are uniting under a three-year, $1.6 million grant from the National Science Foundation to boost the output of solar cells.