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Planar Energy Devices Inc. is a privately held developer of tunable solid state power storage products for commercial and consumer applications. Planar designs and manufactures energy storage products based upon a proprietary portfolio of deposition, materials and design technologies it has acquired from world-class government, academic and corporate research centers. The company combines its family of proprietary solid state electrolyte materials with high-capacity solid state cathode and anode materials to create the world's thinnest and safest high-capacity batteries that can be manufactured using proven and scalable manufacturing processes. For more information, visit
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Planar Energy Devices
2 Jul 2020

Flexible, Printed and Thin Film Batteries 2020-2030: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
21 Apr 2018

Ilika Technologies

11 Oct 2017

Planar Energy Devices

Now gone bust, Planar Energy was a company developing thio-LISICON electrolytes for solid-state batteries. The company claimed to have developed a high-speed deposition process that could significantly reduce the cost of solid-state electrolyte manufacturing.
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1 Dec 2011

Large Area Solid State Batteries

Planar Energy Devices Inc, United States
14 Sep 2011

Widening government support for printed electronics

This year, the world's largest event on printed electronics, "printed Electronics USA" will reflect the widening government support for printed electronics. Beyond the burgeoning programs at universities and government research centers, this is particularly evident in military and electric vehicle work. The US Army reflects this in two presentations. One is an overview of materials printing capabilities and prototype development for US Army applications and the other concerns direct write approaches to nanoscale electronics.
2 Dec 2010

Large Format Batteries Enabled by New Roll to Roll Process Developments

Planar Energy Devices, United States
7 Oct 2010

Sakti3 Third generation batteries backed

Earlier this year, the University of Michigan traction battery spinoff Sakti3, inc. announced $7 million in second round of venture funding led by capital firm Beringea, in addition to Khosla. Now G.M. Ventures has invested $3.2 Million in the company. Vloet/University of Michigan Professor Ann Marie Sastry of the University of Michigan is chief executive of Sakti3.
6 Oct 2010

New electric planes take off

It seems back to front but the unmanned pure electric aircraft have often been huge, including the AeroVironment and Aurora Flight Sciences vehicles that cruise to upper atmosphere on solar energy carrying out surveillance.
20 May 2010

Laminar batteries are better

Laminar batteries are increasingly adopted in electronics because they have better cooling, damage tolerance and performance in respect of charge and discharge speed when optimally designed for this shape. Companies such as Cymbet and Infinite Power Solutions already supply small laminar lithium batteries for such applications as backup power for electronics and some even continue to operate if a nail is driven through them.
15 Mar 2010

Printing large batteries

170 years ago, Faraday appreciated the different electrical properties of nano gold over bulk metal in electrical devices, so applying nanotechnology to these things is scarcely new. However, the huge sums now being applied to improvement of lithium traction batteries in particular are now leading to work on a much larger scale and thin film technology, nanotechnology and printing are in increasingly important part of this.
11 Mar 2010

Lithium vehicle traction batteries and harvesting

The conference of about 40 people "Lithium Battery Technology and System Development" in London 9 March 2010 was concerned with "breaking barriers for electric vehicles".
20 Feb 2009

Planar Energy Devices announces the PowerPlane™ MX battery

World's smallest, high capacity, rechargeable thin battery enters the market.
5 Dec 2008

Laminar batteries - missing the big opportunity?

Laminar batteries are usually having success only where the need for thinness and flexibility is extreme. IDTechEx interview companies at Printed Electronics World USA to find out more.