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PolyPhotonix is a bio-photonic business based in the UK that has developed a home-based, non-invasive, monitored treatment for one of the principal causes of blindness in the western world, Diabetic Retinopathy and Diabetic Macular Oedema. The Noctura 400 Sleep Mask, offers a novel and innovative treatment for Diabetic patients with serious sight complications, and it will significantly change the patient experience and related costs when compared with current treatments. Noctura 400 is the first product launched by the company from a portfolio of bio-photonic medical devices that are under development by PolyPhotonix
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14 Nov 2018

Saving Sight With Light

PolyPhotonix, United Kingdom
29 Oct 2018

Printed Electronics: Key Trends

IDTechEx finds that the total market for printed, flexible and organic electronics in 2018 is $31.6 Billion. This is based on new research conducted by IDTechEx for the report Flexible, Printed and Organic Electronics 2019-2029.
10 Oct 2018

PolyPhotonix's treatment for Diabetes Retinopathy

Richard Kirk from PolyPhotonix discusses his company's treatment for Diabetes Retinopathy in depth at the IDTechEx Show! Europe 2018.
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26 Sep 2018

End Users Present at the World's Largest Event on Printed Electronics

On November 14-15 the 15th annual Printed Electronics USA event will take place in Santa Clara, California - the heart of silicon valley. Record bookings to date include 235 exhibiting companies (over 90% of the floor space is sold) who are coming from 25 countries and a total of 250 speakers.
15 Aug 2018

Automotive, Healthcare and Industrials Adopt Printed Electronics

It's been some time in the making but now undoubtedly printed electronics is being pursued as a differentiator and enabler by many industry verticals. Organizations from several verticals are coming together to present their progress adopting printed electronics at the world's largest event on the topic - the IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA conference and exhibition, hosted in Santa Clara on November 14-15.
25 Apr 2018

Fantastic Progress at Printed Electronics Europe

Europe's leading event on printed, flexible and hybrid electronics - Printed Electronics Europe, hosted by IDTechEx in Berlin on April 11-12, saw attendance from a record 63 countries with 16% growth of the exhibit floor space.
11 Apr 2018

Saving Sight With Light

PolyPhotonix, United Kingdom
28 Mar 2018

Geely, L'Oréal, Arsenal FC and PolyPhotonix Open Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics Europe 2018 in Berlin, Germany, on April 11-12 is the key meeting place for those involved in technology scouting and product innovation, bringing together printed and flexible electronics with global brands.
28 Mar 2018

Geely, L'Oréal, Arsenal FC and PolyPhotonix to Open the IDTechEx Show!

The IDTechEx Show! in Berlin, Germany, on April 11-12 is the key meeting place for those involved in technology scouting and product innovation, bringing together emerging technologies with global brands.
7 Apr 2016

Printed sensor technology for automotive tyres

A new technology to measure tyre pressure and temperature and will transform the way transport fleets currently track, monitor and manage tyres.
20 Aug 2015

Graphene inks for novel lighting applications

Project Graphted is a collaborative Innovate UK project led by PolyPhotonix and seeks to evaluate Graphene's potential as a transparent electrode when dispersed in a polymeric matrix.
24 May 2015

Printed and organic electronics in healthcare

Printed, organic and flexible electronics is an industry that includes various components and technologies, from relatively simple electrochemical sensors to flexible X-ray detectors. From an end-user's point of view, the main advantages are disposability, large area, and conformability. In this article we focus on healthcare and review the wide range of devices targeted for medical applications.
11 Mar 2015

Wear your health on your sleeve

Design students from Northumbria University, Newcastle, have been awarded generous grants to develop their wearable technology designs - which could create significant savings for the NHS.
10 Jun 2014


31 Mar 2011

More demonstrators at Printed Electronics Europe 2011

As part of its initiatives, the Northern Way sponsored a competition that started about 2 years ago, which required companies to come up with proposals for making printed electronics demonstrators with technologies currently available. Out of all the proposals, 11 were selected and out of those, 8 were funded in order to continue their development.
14 Apr 2010

Enabling Printed Electronics Through Materials

PolyPhotonix, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
23 Apr 2009

Energy harvesting - which technology wins

Energy harvesting is popularly defined as converting ambient power to electricity to make small devices self-sufficient, often for decades. Even hundreds of years of life is in prospect.
19 Mar 2009

Business applications for printed electronics

Recently, the commercialization of printed electronics has progressed from conductive patterns to batteries, displays, sensors, resistors, solar cells, lighting and transistor circuits, increasingly in combination.
18 Feb 2009

Printed electronics is profitable

What makes investors invest? What leads to profit sooner rather than later? What are the hot applications and technologies? What are the market forecasts? What comes next? Attend Printed Electronics Europe 2009 to find out,
12 Feb 2009

Kodak plans to restructure OLED business

Kodak plans to restructure OLED business with new partners and business model changes.