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7 Sep 2022

Octopus Energy EV Roaming Service Surpasses 300,000 Charger Milestone

Octopus Energy's electric vehicle roaming service Electric Universe surpasses 300,000 charge points globally as it rebrands to supercharge international growth. Only two years since launch, it is now one of the world's largest 'virtual' EV charging networks.
11 Jul 2022

Roadside EV Charging Solution, Full Charge in as Little as an Hour

Offering a typical output of 50kW from an onboard battery , the ZAPME charger can offer around 140 miles of charge in an hour. This is more than enough to get to a charging point even if many miles away. For the most part ZAPME chargers will be plugged in just 10 minutes to allow the EV to make it to a charge point. In a dangerous position on the road this could reduce the risk of problems such as roadside technicians being hit by passing vehicles.
24 Mar 2021

Project Triumph TE-1 E-powertrain Revealed

The all-new battery powertrain developed by Williams Advanced Engineering for Triumph Motorcycles' TE-1 project will set new standards for electric bike performance.
3 Jun 2019

World's largest public bus system transitions to electric vehicles

In line with Governor Anies Baswedan's vision to make Jakarta one of the greenest cities in the world, the Transjakarta Bus Rapid Transit System is rolling out a trial programme of electric buses on certain routes in the city.
22 Oct 2018

Ultra-rapid charging network for Australia

Australian start-up, Chargefox Pty Ltd has successfully raised $15 million to enable it to commence building Australia's largest open, ultra-rapid network of charging stations for electric vehicles.
19 Dec 2016

Two promising successors to lithium ion batteries

The mission of JCESR, DOE's Batteries and Energy Storage Hub, is to overcome critical scientific and technical barriers and create transformative battery technology for transportation and the electric grid.
24 Jul 2015

The first electric highway in Australia

The Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia has decided to impulse the electric vehicle through the first "Electric Highway" in the country.
29 Jul 2011

UK green car grant stalling?

Just 215 pure electric cars were bought under a UK Government scheme to encourage the take-up of green vehicles in its second three months of operation compared to 465 in the first three months.
7 Jun 2010

Electric Vehicles in the UK - Part One

The UK has now produced a host of small companies involved in most aspects of electric vehicles and their components and some long established companies have successfully moved into the field.