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Meyer Burger Technology Ltd is a leading global technology group. With its innovative systems and production equipment, Meyer Burger creates sustainable added value for customers. Roth & Rau B.V., as a proud member of Meyer Burger Group, is a world leading provider of innovative inkjet and thin film equipment for (structured) functional layers with a low cost of ownership for high tech electronic applications. With its technology, PiXDRO functional Inkjet and FLEx Thin Film Plasma and ALD systems, several industries are served: OLED, photovoltaics, batteries, semiconductor, (printed) electronics and photo chemical milling. R&D systems up to complete manufacturing solutions are offered, including pre- and post-processing and automation modules, thereby providing a complete solution for the customer's requirements. Meyer Burger is serving customers in all relevant electronics producing markets around the world.
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Roth & Rau
8 Feb 2019

Barrier Films and Thin Film Encapsulation for Flexible and/or Organic Electronics 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report:
28 Oct 2015

Meyer Burger

Meyer Burger NL is a company based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and manufacture thin film deposition and printing equipment. The company's expertise in different types of deposition has allowed them to supply several thin film encapsulation cluster tools to customers worldwide.
8 Oct 2015

Powering lightweight devices and wearable electronics

IDTechEx report from a FlexTech Alliance workshop on novel & innovative power sources for lightweight devices and wearable electronics
12 Aug 2015

He who does not print, vacuum coats

Atmospheric vs. vacuum deposition in the flexible electronics era.
17 Jul 2015


13 Feb 2015

IDTechEx interview with Meyer Burger Group at Printed Electronics USA

PiXDRO is a Roth & Rau B.V. brand. Roth & Rau B.V., a member of Meyer Burger Group, has complete equipment design, assembly and application facilities in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
20 Nov 2014

IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2014 Award Winners

Printed, flexible and organic electronics will eventually impact most aspects of human endeavor, with the enabling materials, equipment, components and manufacturing being developed and launched today.
22 Oct 2014

The $2 billion conductive ink industry gathers in Santa Clara

This is a successful and growing industry. Indeed, IDTechEx projects that the $2billion conductive ink/paste sector will grow $3.2 billion in 2025 at the material level.
9 Aug 2013

Rolic Technologies and Roth & Rau B.V. enter strategic cooperation

Rolic Technologies Ltd, Allschwil, Switzerland, and Roth & Rau BV, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, have signed a far reaching cooperation agreement, outlining a joint strategy to develop system solutions for the organic electronics, display, and security markets.
18 Apr 2013

Cluster Tool Using Inkjet Printing for Pattered Multilayer Processing

Roth & Rau, Netherlands
20 Feb 2013

On a roll: why E Ink is still the leader in e-paper

E-paper technologies are attempts to mimic paper, which can be described as a reflective surface, non-emissive and viewable from any angle.
4 Feb 2013

EU project to take flexible OLEDs from lab to fab

A newly launched, €11.2-million European project aims to help bring flexible OLEDs to market within six years.
10 Jan 2013

Xaar plc

With its subsidiary PiXDRO (acquired in 2010), Roth & Rau offers printing tools based on inkjet technology for research and mass production.
6 Dec 2012

Inkjet Printing Technology; from Research to Mass Production. Tool & Process

Roth & Rau, Netherlands
26 Nov 2012


With its subsidiary PiXDRO (acquired in 2010), Roth & Rau offers printing tools based on inkjet technology for research and mass production.
1 Dec 2011

Ink-jet Printing in Solar Cell Mass Production

PixDro, United States
10 Feb 2010

Roth & Rau take over solar activities of OTB Group B.V.

Roth & Rau AG takes over from the OTB Group B.V., Eindhoven, Netherlands, 100% of the shares in that company's subsidiary OTB Solar B.V. (OTB).
18 Mar 2009

CdTe Solar Cells - Can First Solar do anything wrong?

Although the world is in the midst of a severe economic crisis, the photovoltaics industry is still growing.