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Founded in 2013, Sensel is a StartX accelerator graduate building next-generation input devices that outperform existing touch solutions in terms of accuracy, latency, and power.
Sensel's first product, the Morph, is the first input device of its kind, and brings multi-touch pressure sensing technology to consumer electronics. Brought to life by former Amazon engineers Ilya Rosenberg and Aaron Zarraga, Sensel's touch technology will empower makers and creators everywhere to explore new possibilities in art, music, gaming, video editing, custom interfaces and beyond.
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Sensel Inc
1 Nov 2023


Sensel are a start-up company founded in 2013 and based in the Bay Area in California, USA, offering touch-sensing solutions for the next generation of human machine interface (HMI) technologies.
10 Aug 2021

Sensel- Touchpad Evaluation Kit

IDTechEx was sent an evaluation kit for Sensel's haptic trackpad product. Designed primarily to meet the requirements for a laptop trackpad, the unit integrates Sensel's force sensing technology and custom haptics.
6 Jul 2021


A company overview presentation provided by Sensel
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15 Jun 2021


Sensel is a relatively early-stage company that offers touch-sensing solutions incorporating force sensing, capacitive touch sensing, and haptic feedback in various configurations. It is targeting multiple application spaces, and with a touchpad utilizing its technology already used in a commercially available laptop.
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5 Feb 2021


We previously interviewed Sensel, discussing their force sensor array technology used primarily in touch interfaces.
28 Jan 2020


IDTechEx met with Sensel at their booth at CES 2020. We discussed their development of force sensor user interfaces and their development of products using this and related technology such as haptics.
20 Feb 2018

Advanced Touch Technology

Sensel creates next-generation touch technology. Multi-touch, highly sensitive, low power, and mobile, Sensel's PressureGrid™ makes computing more comfortable and creative.
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13 Dec 2017

Report on IDTechEx Show! USA 2017

The following article summarises some of the key observations made by IDTechEx analysts during the IDTechEx Show! It contains details of many of the companies demonstrating products during the exhibition, notable presentations given and summaries of relevant conversations and recent updates.
15 Nov 2017

Sensel's Pressure Grid™ Technology Enables Next-Generation Touch Sensors

Sensel, Inc.United States
26 Sep 2017

Sensors are the stars of the IDTechEx Show!

Sensors conference features the latest technologies for Healthcare, Wearables, IoT, and Mobile devices.
30 Aug 2013

Tekscan Inc

Tekscan manufactures force sensors but their business model is slightly different than their competitor's . Tekscan is a company manufacturing measurement systems: they make sensors but 3/4 of their business is the integration into a complete instrument for the customers. They specialize in medical applications in particular.