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SmartLIGHTING is an online media geared towards the professionals in the efficient lighting sector.
Comprised of a dedicated team of experienced professionals from the communications, marketing and efficient lighting environments, Smartlighting addresses the needs for knowledge and information of our target audience by providing complete, thorough and quality information that is updated on a daily basis.
SmartLIGHTING was founded in the context of the Web 3.0 communication and presents the lighting audience with a whole array of clues supporting them in their information needs in order to stay updated and expand their business opportunities through news, technical articles, reports, legislation, events, training, interviews,.....
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8 Aug 2022

Smart Lighting System Based on Quantum Dots

Researchers have designed smart, colour-controllable white light devices from quantum dots - tiny semiconductors just a few billionths of a metre in size - which are more efficient and have better colour saturation than standard LEDs, and can dynamically reproduce daylight conditions in a single light.
28 Jan 2020

Sherpa Space

Sherpa Space is a Korean company that produces advanced lighting systems for greenhouse growing based on quantum dot tuneable LED technology. Using its Sherpa Light technology, the company can replicate sunlight from any point on the planet, providing plants with perfect growing conditions. In January 2020, IDTechEx Analyst Dr Michael Dent spoke with Young Kim from Sherpa Space.
24 Jan 2020

Intelligent Growth Solutions

Intelligent Growth Solutions is a Scottish agritech company working to improve the efficiency of vertical farming through automation, smart lighting and power management.
21 Nov 2019

Zigbee Alliance Augments its Green Power Program

The Zigbee Alliance announced new branding and certification measures centered around its existing Green Power feature, which is based on energy-harvesting technology and part of the flagship Zigbee PRO standard.
30 Oct 2019

IoT Applications: Great Opportunities to Come

Internet of Things is considered the third revolution of the computer, after the first revolution of bringing computing to governments and big companies and the second one to the public via PC and smartphone.
22 Oct 2019

IoT Applications: Connecting the EDGE USA 2019

Nov 20-21 | Santa Clara, CA 10% Attendee Discount - Ends Friday, 1 November
21 Jun 2018

enModus appoint Jonathan Couch as VP of Solutions

enModus is pleased to announce the appointment of Jonathan Couch as VP of Solutions. Jonathan joins enModus after more than 3 years at IoT smart lighting start-up Gooee.
8 Jun 2018

enModus delivers 96% energy saving project for global retailer

enModus, the smart building technology company, has successfully delivered a project for claire's, demonstrating massive reductions in energy consumption at one of the global retailer's major UK warehouses.
6 Mar 2018

enModus helps Virgin Media get smart about energy consumption

enModus, the smart building technology company, has successfully implemented a project with Virgin Media to radically reduce energy consumption at one of the telecom giant's major UK technical facilities.
21 Nov 2016

New product announcements from the IDTechEx Show! exhibition hall

From the Exhibition Hall at the IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara last week came a wide variety of new product announcements and press releases. Here we summarize some of the announcements.
3 Jun 2016

Industrial internet solution for a printed electronics plant

VTT's printed electronics pilot plant in Finland has moved into a new era - an industrial internet-based solution, the first for the printed electronics production in the world, has been installed for the control of the plant.
23 Apr 2015

Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2015

28-29 April, Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany. In less than one week, the seventh annual IDTechEx event will provide valuable insight into energy harvesting technologies and their applications.
9 Apr 2015

Energy harvesting meets IoT: 4questions, 3 presenters...

DTechEx analysts asked a few questions to some of the presenters at the IDTechEx conferences on Energy Harvesting and IoT coming up on 28-29 April in Berlin, Germany.
26 Mar 2015

GreenPeak launches smart PIR sensor for smart home applications

GreenPeak Technologies has announced a new addition to its Smart Home portfolio with the launch of a reference design for a low cost Passive Infra-Red sensor with outstanding performance.
26 Jan 2015

Smart lighting manager for IoT-connected daylight harvesting

This new class of sensor-integrated smart lighting manager solutions delivers cost-effective, IoT-connected, integrated control capabilities.
20 Nov 2014

Energy Harvesting & Storage and IoT Applications Awards USA 2014

The winners of the IDTechEx awards for Energy Harvesting & Storage and the Internet of Things were announced today on the opening day of the largest event IDTechEx has produced to date in California, which is estimated to have attracted over 2,500 attendees at the Santa Clara Convention Centre.
18 Nov 2014

Innovative process to print flexible electronic circuits

Nanyang Technological University has successfully printed complex electronic circuits using a common t-shirt printer.
26 Jun 2014

Assessing the applications for the Internet of Things without the hype

The IDTechEx event Internet of Things Applications taking place on November 19-20 in Santa Clara, CA is unique in terms of addressing the applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) - for consumers, industry and governments.
18 Sep 2013

Free Webinar - OLED Lighting

IDTechEx will be hosting a free webinar 'Market Opportunities and Technology Developments for OLED Lighting' on Tuesday 24 September and we would be delighted if you could join us.
19 Apr 2013

Wireless mesh networks powered by solar energy harvesting

Sol Chip Ltd and Virtual Extension have announced the availability of high-performance Wireless Mesh Networks powered by Solar Energy Harvesting.