SolarWaterWorld AG was founded in March 2001. Since 2008 the company is situated in Berlin. Arisen from the institute for solar shipbuilding SolarWaterWorld AG combines science based, technical and practical expertise as well as worldwide marketing and licensing. SolarWaterWorld AG has become one of the most successful companies for solar powered water vehicles in the market segment.
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22 Jun 2011

Electrovaya to provide lithium ion battery systems for Chrysler

Electrovaya Inc announced that it has signed a contract to supply Chrysler with Lithium Ion SuperPolymer battery systems for 25 Town and Country minivans that will be part of a demonstration fleet of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles that Chrysler Group LLC has developed in partnership with the United States Department of Energy.
13 Jun 2011

Research into batteries to give electric cars the same range as petrol

Research is being conducted at Risø DTU into the development and manufacture of new battery materials, e.g. improved electrode and electrolyte materials for the next generation of Li-ion and Li-air batteries. This requires insight and 'nano-scale engineering' as well as detailed understanding of the underlying processes.
3 Jun 2011

A car battery at half the price

24M intends to greatly reduce the inactive material in a battery. According to estimates in a new paper.
31 May 2011

BAE Systems exceeds 3500 hybrid bus drive trains

BAE Systems says it has cumulatively delivered more than 3,500 units of its hybrid electric propulsion system called the HybriDrive series, netting it over $350 million and making it one of the most successful suppliers of subsystems in the history of the electric vehicle.
30 May 2011

Amsterdam and car2go go electric

Car2go recently announced it will bring its innovative mobility program to Amsterdam before end of 2011 and decided to run one of the world's first large scale car-sharing fleets of pure electric vehicles there with 300 smart fortwo cars.