With declining petroleum reserves, global warming and unpredictable climatic changes, we need to find some cheap, green and abundant energy. It makes sense to exploit and develop the most abundant energy we can find; solar energy. The Sun is an extremely potent source of energy. The total radiant energy arriving at the Earth's surface is enough to provide over 1000 times the energy required to supply the world's population with all of its domestic, transport and industrial needs. Therefore harvesting just 0.1 - 1.0 % of this renewable energy and converting it to electric power and stored chemical energy would assist in resolving a key question of this and future centuries: when fossil fuels run out, which energy resource can we turn to?
STREP has developed intellectual property that addresses the challenges and limitations of solar energy to date and offers a real key solution for the future.
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1 Jul 2022


Aidian is a Finnish diagnostics company. Andy Ko spoke to Aidian's Head of New Technologies, Mirko Brummer.
3 May 2022

Cue Health

Cue Health offers a point-of-care diagnostic test platform for at-home testing of respiratory diseases.
14 Mar 2022

Abbott Point of Care

Abbott Point of Care and rapid diagnostics is a segment of Abbott Laboratories' diagnostics division. Abbott is the leader of the point-of-care diagnostics industry. The segment's products focus on infectious diseases and cardiometabolic disease diagnostics.
21 Jan 2021

Gene Editing Scissor Tool May Also be a Dimmer Switch

Scientists have found evidence that there is a second role for the widely used gene-cutting system CRISPR-Cas9 — as a genetic dimmer switch for CRISPR-Cas9 genes. Its role of dialing down or dimming CRISPR-Cas9 activity may help scientists develop new ways to genetically engineer cells for research purposes.
26 Apr 2019

Proofreading the book of life: Gene editing made safer

Making CRISPR immunosilent is the next step towards safe clinical applications.
23 Jan 2018


Ellume is a health technology company which has made a connected diagnostic for doctors & consumers for detection of common conditions such as influenza, strep throat & chlamydia.
29 Apr 2015

Large Area Transparent Thin Film Thermoelectric Devices for Smart Window and Flexible Applications'

STREP, Ireland
9 Apr 2015

Energy harvesting meets IoT: 4questions, 3 presenters...

DTechEx analysts asked a few questions to some of the presenters at the IDTechEx conferences on Energy Harvesting and IoT coming up on 28-29 April in Berlin, Germany.
13 Mar 2013

Prospects of graphene transistors for high-frequency electronics

In the end graphene transistors currently look extremely promising for revolutionize both, high-frequency electronics and plastic electronics, especially as the expected performance has been proven recently at least in single devices.